Our commitment to sustainability

A core value of ours is building for the long term, and sustainability is a key part of that. We are committed to building best in class products that help our customers reduce their environmental footprint, and we have the same goal for our own business practices.”

Sanjit Biswas

CEO & Founder

How Samsara helps customers reduce their environmental impact

When it comes to sustainability, we believe our greatest impact as a company will come from building better technology for our customers. We’re invested in helping our customers to:

Save Fuel

Harsh driving, excess idling, and inefficient routing can add up to higher fuel usage. Samsara helps decrease unnecessary fuel use through real-time visibility into driver behavior and insights into route performance. By collecting engine data from each vehicle, Samsara provides unmatched visibility into a fleet’s fuel usage, making it easy to identify which truck is idling, which drivers need coaching, and which routes minimize the distance between stops.

Windy City Limousine

Improve energy efficiency

Samsara’s industrial monitoring and control products help customers keep tabs on their equipment and machinery with real-time performance reports. Our power meters provide better visibility into equipment energy efficiency to help improve the performance and reliability of pumps and other machinery.

San Jose Water Company

Reduce production waste

Samsara Machine Vision helps product manufacturers perform quality assurance in real time to reduce wasted product by catching production or quality issues immediately. This reduces materials wasted and allows our customers to improve their throughput and yield.

Decrease food waste

Refrigerated transportation of perishable goods has grown by nearly 60% in the last forty years, but without proper temperature control, food spoilage poses a large risk. Samsara's plug-and-play WiFi monitors make it easy to manage cold chain logistics and collect continuous temperature and humidity data. With Samsara temperature monitoring, fleets that store, distribute, or deliver perishable goods can monitor temperatures in-transit to prevent food waste.

Clover Dairy

Monitor environmental pollutants

In hazardous waste or construction sites, environmental data is highly time-sensitive. Samsara provides continuous, real-time visibility and alerts on data collected from environmental sensors. This helps customers move quickly to shut down operations when dangerous levels of hazardous pollutants are detected, ensuring the safety of field workers and ultimately reducing environmental impact.

Enable zero emissions

Looking ahead, we see that many fleets are looking to take the next leap in sustainability by transitioning to electric vehicles. To facilitate this process, we are committed to building best in class fleet management tools specifically for EV vehicles.

City of Fort Lauderdale

Customer stories

Samsara’s customers operate businesses that form the backbone of our economy. We are committed to building products that help them improve operational efficiency, increase fuel and energy efficiency, and reduce their impact on the environment

City of Fort Lauderdale

With the help of Samsara, our customers have slashed fuel use across their fleets.

24M Gallons

of gas saved by customers annually.* This amounts to:

  • $80M saved

  • The equivalent of planting 17M trees

*Estimated total based on customer-reported data.

City of Fort Lauderdale

Sustainability to me means making a better decision every day to address the needs of the people, the needs of the environment, and to make sure that we are spending the taxpayer's dollars in an efficient and wise way. We want to make people more aware that when you're in a city vehicle, you are using fuel—a critical resource. To address climate issues within our city, it's really important that we continue to reduce our carbon footprint, and continue to reduce the amount of fuel that we're using.”

Dr. Nancy Gassman

Assistant Public Works Director for Sustainability, City of Fort Lauderdale

In just six months, Gassman’s team was able to use Samsara to reduce idle time by 20% and fuel consumption by 5%—even as the City’s fleet grew to include over 1,700 vehicles.

Dohrn Transfer Company

Dohrn Transfer Company

Insight provided by Samsara’s tools have contributed to a 2% improvement in our mileage per year, which equates to about 150,000 fewer gallons of fuel.”

Megan Schoff

Operations Technology Analyst, Dohrn Transfer Company

San Jose Water Company

Cash-Wa Distributing

I’m tracking the produce every time it moves, and I have alarms in place to indicate temperature changes. So I know that we’re delivering wholesome quality products in every load. Samsara gives us that confidence in the integrity of our supply chain.”

Jim Hoss

VP of Operations, Cash-Wa Distributing

By using Samsara’s EM wireless temperature sensors across their 220 trailers, Cash-Wa ensures food safety and reduces rejected loads. Hoss estimates a 30% decrease in Cash-Wa’s customer credit payouts for improper temperature claims.

San Jose Water Company

Around 80% of a utility’s energy expense is just pumping and distributing water. So if you can have a good understanding of energy efficiency toward your pumps and understand the data coming in to make the best-informed decisions going forward, that’s a win for the customer. Samsara makes us more efficient as a utility, and it reduces our overall energy costs.”

Gavin Devries

Engineering Supervisor, San Jose Water Company

With the help of Samsara, San Jose Water Company achieves real-time visibility into power meters, PLCs, and sensors across hundreds of pumps and facilities that serve over a million consumers in the greater San Jose metropolitan area.

City of Fort Lauderdale