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Alexander Stevenson

Efficiency is about more than profits. It's about enabling growth and innovation, improving quality and customer service, and reducing waste. That's why we've built technology to support our customers productivity and streamline their operations.”

Alexander Stevenson

VP, Product Management

Customer stories

More than 15,000 organizations around the world, from emerging businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises, use Samsara to automate manual processes and improve overall operational efficiency.


With the help of Samsara, our customers have maximized productivity.


in vehicle downtime when City of Fort Lauderdale used Samsara reporting and live engine fault code alerts to streamline fleet maintenance.


in dispatch productivity when Uniti Fiber used Samsara GPS data to help dispatchers consolidate multiple jobs along a technician’s route to increase productivity.

Dohrn Transfer Company

Samsara provides us with a higher level of visibility and there’s less human error.”

Sandra Rose-Brown

Manager of Fleet Maintenance, Dohrn Transfer Company

Dohrn Transfer Company uses Samsara IoT sensors across its entire fleet—this includes 470 tractors and 75 straight trucks—to reduce hours spent on paperwork, optimize maintenance, and enhance dispatching efficiency.


Cash-Wa Distributing

If it weren’t for Samsara, I’d probably have at least four vendors to cover all the things it’s doing for us. From GPS and temperature monitoring to driver safety, fuel savings, and Hours of Service, it just works.”

Jim Hoss

VP of Operations, Cash-Wa Distributing

San Jose Water Company

In order to get the efficiencies of our motors in the past, we would rely on pump test data. With 300 pumps and motors in our system, it could take up to a year to collect that information. Samsara provides us an opportunity to get that information in real-time.”

Carlos Ramos

Operations Supervisor, San Jose Water Company

With Samsara, live operational efficiency is automatically calculated and tracked to inform day-to-day decisions, reduce overall operating costs, and improve capital investments.

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Stokes Trucking

One thing we love about Samsara is that it’s very user-friendly. It’s a simplified process—being able to just see it all in one location. It’s easy to pull reports and know exactly where our tractors are and if they’re moving or turned on.”

Tyler Howell

Director of Safety, Stokes Trucking

With Samsara, Stokes Trucking was able to consolidate their dash cam and telematics solution into a single platform.


Ghilotti Construction

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