Cable East saves $2.5M through reliable asset recovery

Cable East achieves unparalleled asset recovery and business efficiency improvements by using Samsara to track hundreds of assets in real time.



Meet Cable East

Inefficient asset tracking delayed recovery and cost millions.

Cable East, a telecommunications construction company in northeast Georgia, faced critical challenges in tracking their widespread assets and fleet. Before partnering with Samsara, lost and stolen assets were difficult to track down and cost the business millions of dollars. Cable East required a simplified solution for tracking over 400 assets and recovering stolen equipment efficiently, without exhausting resources or bandwidth. They also aimed to improve safety across their organization by focusing on driver protection, coaching, and preventative vehicle maintenance.

Unlocking asset and vehicle visibility by connecting real-time data.

Cable East partnered with Samsara to unify their asset tracking, vehicle safety, and preventative maintenance. By consolidating solutions across their organization, Cable East upleveled their business and increased operational efficiency, saving millions. Beyond that, the Cable East team developed a deep partnership with Samsara. “Samsara’s back office service is unmatched,” said Billy Porter, Director of Risk Management. “Anybody can sell you a product, but Samsara follows through to make sure your needs are met and you have constant support. Whenever I have questions, I talk to a real person who is incredibly knowledgeable about Samsara products. The service and support from the Samsara team is truly what makes them stand out.”


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Improving recovery and customer service through streamlined asset tracking.

As a result of partnering with Samsara, Cable East successfully recovered an estimated $2.5 million in assets over four years. Precise GPS data enabled efficient recovery of stolen and lost assets and facilitated effective collaboration with law enforcement.


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Exonerating drivers and building a culture of safety.

Before partnering with Samsara, Cable East had limited visibility into driver behaviors on the road. With Samsara AI Dash Cams, the Cable East team gained real-time, HD visibility outside the cab, which gave them the ability to quickly exonerate drivers in not-at-fault incidents.





Automating preventative maintenance with enhanced vehicle insights. 

Prior to partnering with Samsara, Cable East manually tracked preventative maintenance for their vehicles. Now, Cable East uses Samsara Vehicle Telematics to automatically track vehicle health, turning reactive maintenance into proactive maintenance.


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