How Chalk Mountain Services Improved Driver Safety

With Samsara, Chalk Mountain Services has built a safety program that positively engages drivers and delivers significant ROI for their business.

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Meet Chalk Mountain Services

Preventable accidents & unnecessary payouts were costing their business

Chalk Mountain Services is a leader in the oilfield services industry, managing the transportation and logistics of sand and water for customers across Texas and New Mexico. They take great pride in providing a high level of care for their employees, and one of their core principles is “Safety Always.” 

Before Samsara, Chalk Mountain had limited visibility into the safety of their drivers out on the road. Preventable accidents and worker’s compensation payouts were costing their business, and without video evidence, they couldn’t exonerate innocent drivers from not-at-fault accidents and false claims. They were looking for a better way to keep drivers safe and engaged.

Chalk Mountain Trucks

Video-based safety has transformed how they coach, reward, and protect drivers

In 2021, Chalk Mountain rolled out dual-facing AI Dash Cams across their fleet. On the road, AI-based In-Cab alerts provide real-time feedback to drivers on risky behaviors such as distracted driving and tailgating, preventing accidents before they happen. In the back office, Chalk Mountain’s safety team uses the Safety Inbox to proactively identify coachable moments and give drivers feedback using actual footage of themselves. Real video footage has helped them avoid “he said, she said” situations and have positive one-on-one coaching conversations with drivers. Easy-to-use coaching workflows and reports help Chalk Mountain ensure the timeliness, effectiveness, and accountability of their coaching efforts, coaching safety events within 3 days. 

With Samsara, Chalk Mountain’s drivers are more engaged in safety—and fully bought into having dash cams in the cab after transparent communication from Chalk Mountain’s leadership. “There were a few bad habits I didn't know I had, and Samsara was able to point them out to me so I could fix them,” said Vanessa Veloz, who has been a driver for Chalk Mountain Services for three and a half years. "My priority is safety, and Samsara helps me get home safe to my family."

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With the video evidence Samsara AI Dash Cams provide, Chalk Mountain can not only exonerate innocent drivers from false claims, but also celebrate drivers for defensive driving and avoiding near-collisions. A driver rewards program based on Samsara Safety Scores has encouraged friendly competition and helped create a positive safety culture.

Improved safety and reduced costs—all while boosting driver retention

Chalk Mountain and Samsara

Chalk Mountain has realized significant ROI from their partnership with Samsara. The year they implemented Samsara, they improved their CSA scores by 17 basis points and achieved a record milestone: 31 million miles without a DOT preventable accident. 

Proactive coaching with In-Cab Alerts helped reduce risky behaviors, leading to an 86% decrease in preventable accident costs. “Samsara truly helps our drivers be even better at their job—protecting them and the company at the end of the day,” said David Serach, Director of Safety at Chalk Mountain Services.

As a result, safety has become a competitive advantage for Chalk Mountain to win customers and retain drivers. By building a positive safety culture where they reward, celebrate, and protect their drivers from false claims, Chalk Mountain improved driver retention by 15%—cementing their reputation as a place drivers want to work. The Texas Trucking Association recently recognized Chalk Mountain as the Safest Trucking Company in their division.