The City & County of Denver promotes safe driving behaviors with Samsara

The Samsara Connected Operations™ Cloud provides visibility across 40+ divisions and agencies, centralizing data to improve safety and efficiency.

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Meet the City & County of Denver

Multiple systems made it difficult to share data and optimize performance.

The Denver region is the largest metropolitan area in the Rocky Mountains. The consolidated government of the City and County of Denver is made up of 44 divisions and agencies that provide a wide range of services, from infrastructure maintenance to animal control.

The City prides itself on working hard for the residents in their community, and with many departments operating equipment on city streets every day, was seeking a comprehensive telematics system that could optimize and consolidate driver and vehicle data. "Just within the Department of Transportation & Infrastructure, we have multiple divisions, some of which were using different telematics systems," said Tony Schwegmann, Safety and Industrial Hygiene Supervisor. "We also couldn't see data from other agencies, like our safety team. We were flying blind and wanted to standardize with one solution."

Moreover, the City wanted advanced technology that would allow them to proactively manage their fleet operations and performance, allowing them to improve safety while saving time and keeping equipment on the road.

Samsara connects and centralizes data across multiple divisions.

After a thorough search, the City and County of Denver selected Samsara based on its advanced technology and ability to accommodate a range of use cases. "We looked at a half a dozen companies and Samsara was the only provider that met all of our requirements," said Bill Zollo, Manager, Department of Transportation & Infrastructure, Fleet Management Division. "I had high expectations and Samsara delivered on them."

Now, the City uses Samsara's modern cloud technology based on AWS to connect a majority of their divisions and agencies. They share data more effectively, helping to maximize their equipment and keep the community safer. "We have 43 divisions that are using Samsara and having a centralized view of our data has had a positive impact," said Zollo. "Our safety teams can use the data to proactively address driver behaviors and provide coaching."

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AI Dash Cams significantly reduce safety incidents.

Safety is at the core of the City’s operations, and Samsara has enabled them to make a number of safety gains, including more effective coaching and driver incentive programs. Since deploying Samsara, the organization has also seen measurable improvements in safety, including a 99% decrease in harsh driving, a 98% drop in distracted driving, and a 94% reduction in safety incidents overall. Moreover, the City has realized a significant decrease in incident severity, with accidents in the "moderate, major, or extensive" category dropping 60% in one year.

In addition, with video evidence of driver behavior, the City was able to reduce the number of false claims filed against them by 50%.


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Proactive maintenance helps equipment stay in service longer.

For Denver’s fleet technicians, Samsara has proven invaluable in being able to quickly locate equipment for preventative maintenance, resulting in significant time savings.


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Seamless integrations help maximize data sharing and reporting.

After implementing Samsara, the City has been able to use APIs to integrate various solutions and provide better data visibility. The organization was able to use Samsara's comprehensive AssetWorks integration to export fleet management data to their Power BI reporting tools to deliver real-time fleet information to several divisions and agencies.


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