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“With Samsara, we can manage fleet, infrastructure, and sites all from a single place; one platform is used to view the whole company across three regions.” 

Aaron Schilling, IT Manager at Delta Constructors 
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How Delta Constructors streamlines their operations with a single platform 


As a full-service oil and gas contractor, Delta Constructors offers construction, plant operations, and supply chain and logistics services for the energy and natural resources industries. With 12 permanent sites and hundreds of vehicles and assets across Alaska, North Dakota, and Texas, Delta needed a flexible, IT-friendly platform that allowed them to monitor safety, security, and efficiency across their operations. 


With Samsara gateways and dash cams already in use across their fleet and equipment, Delta opted to onboard Samsara Site Gateways (SG1s) to their network so they could quickly consolidate all of their Samsara and 3rd party camera streams into a single dashboard. By doing this, Delta was able to bring all of their operations—from fleet to sites and equipment—under one platform.


With Samsara’s complete platform, Delta can now monitor their operations in ways that they never have before. By using location data from Samsara AG46Ps on their assets and camera streams from SG1s, they are able to remotely check asset inventory across their different sites and provide an added layer of security if something is misplaced or stolen. This visibility helps them avoid trips to distant locations, saving them at least three hours per week. In turn, Delta is able to keep projects on time and avoid delays, which improves their customer service and reputation. 

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