GCI Slingers

GCI Slingers reduces unsafe mobile usage by 100% with Samsara AI Dash Cams

With Samsara's real-time data and AI technology, GCI Slingers decreased unsafe mobile usage and reduced their annual insurance premium—increasing safety across their operations.

GCI Slingers

Meet GCI Slingers

Limited visibility led to incidents and costly insurance payouts.

GCI Slingers is a leader in vocational trucking, using dump trucks and conveyor trucks to support urban development and road construction. GCI drivers often operate heavy-duty vehicles in residential areas, making safety a critical concern. Previously, GCI had Verizon Connect as a telematics solution—but without real-time visibility into driver safety, it was difficult to exonerate drivers from not-at-fault incidents. When they decided to adopt dash cams for the first time, GCI evaluated Samsara and Verizon side by side. Ultimately, they sought an integrated platform that could lower insurance rates, streamline exoneration, and reduce incidents.

GCI takes safety to the next level with Samsara.

When comparing Samsara and Verizon, Samsara’s real-time data and AI technology was one of the reasons that led GCI to fully adopt the platform across their organization. After securing buy-in, GCI can now proactively coach drivers on risky behaviors and protect them from false claims. Recently, they avoided a $90,000 insurance payout when Samsara footage revealed a car had struck one of their heavy-duty trucks. Furthermore, GCI can also take a proactive approach to vehicle maintenance with real-time diagnostics data, fault code alerts, and efficiency benchmarks.

Eliminating unsafe mobile usage with real-time visibility.

GCI experienced tremendous safety improvements as a result of Samsara. By proactively coaching drivers, they reduced unsafe mobile usage by 100% while also seeing a significant decrease in speeding and tailgating. This has resulted in a 7% reduction in insurance premiums in 2023.