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Globe Logistics’ Investment in Samsara Pays for Itself

Globe Logistics was looking to bring on a new technology solution. After a thorough evaluation, they chose Samsara over Motive, citing Samsara's reliability, ease of use, and world-class partnership.

Meet Globe Logistics

Globe Logistics needed to elevate safety and expand operations.

Globe Logistics is a transportation and logistics company that services ​​the contiguous United States. Goce Tusevski, the general manager and co-owner, wanted to improve driver CSA scores and reduce incidents by adding dash cams to their fleet. He sought to adopt a solution that would lay a foundation for their operations, enabling them to grow and expand. “Technology moves fast and I wanted to be sure we had a partner who would help us take advantage of the latest innovations,” said Tusevski. 

Globe Logistics identified their top priorities: a reliable, easy-to-use, and innovative solution that integrates with their existing systems and will always keep them one step ahead. With those objectives in place, Globe Logistics began their search for a new technology partner.

Globe Logistics selects Samsara over Motive citing its reliable, driver-friendly, and customer-first solution.

Globe Logistics narrowed the field to Samsara and Motive, and conducted a thorough, head-to-head evaluation with input from a number of key stakeholders including safety managers, drivers, and IT. Samsara partnered closely with Globe Logistics to use this valuable time to understand the organization's needs and uncover how Samsara could transform their operations. "During our trial with Samsara, they exceeded our expectations by actively collaborating to identify ways to improve our operations," said Tusevski. "It felt like having a trusted partner guiding us to success, not just a sales pitch."

The trial was planned for two months, but almost immediately, the drivers said that using the Samsara Driver App was much easier than using Motive. With over a hundred drivers, the value of an easy-to-use solution had far-reaching impact. "This was definitely a deciding factor for me,” said Tusevski. “A driver-friendly app translates to fewer problems, fewer calls to the office, and increased productivity for us.” Additionally, Samsara’s Mobile Experience Management (MEM)—the only offering on the market directly integrated to support drivers while away from headquarters—helped Globe Logistics drivers get remote help from managers so they could focus on the road.

When comparing Samsara and Motive’s safety solution, Tusevski found that Motive was inaccurate and cumbersome. “The biggest issue we had with Motive was that so many videos were being sent to us for review unnecessarily,” said Tusevski. “Not only did that waste my safety team’s time, but we would have had to pay an additional cost of $30 per unit to get the unlimited data needed to view all of those videos.” With Samsara AI Dash Cams, Globe Logistics was assured that safety events were accurate and securely uploaded to the cloud.

Furthermore, Samsara boasts the largest ecosystem of turnkey integrations, which means Globe Logistics could seamlessly integrate with their existing systems, including their Transportation Management System (TMS) and Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). And, they could take advantage of the extensive array of pre-built integrations available in the Samsara App Marketplace.

After reviewing with his team, Tusevski was confident in the company's decision to move forward with Samsara. 

Switching to Samsara has paid for itself and continues to deliver ROI.

Since implementing Samsara, Globe Logistics has achieved impactful results. With Samsara’s Video-Based Safety solution, they have been able to improve driving behavior, leading to better CSA scores. Recently, Samsara AI Dash Cams helped exonerate a driver during an incident with a commercial driver—an incident that could have cost an estimated $50,000. 

Furthermore, Globe Logistics has reduced downtime and maintenance costs by proactively addressing engine fault codes and vehicle issues using Samsara Vehicle Telematics solution. When testing Motive’s trailer tracking solution, Tusevski noted that one of their devices lost signal, which brought up concerns about reliability. The dependable and accurate insights from Samsara’s telematics data have allowed Globe Logistics to reduce idling costs and optimize trailer utilization, increasing revenue. "By improving our operations—with fuel savings, asset utilization, and reduced incident costs—switching to Samsara has absolutely paid for itself,” said Tusevski. “Even though Motive was $5 a month cheaper, with Samsara I knew I’d more than make up the money elsewhere.”

Looking forward, Globe Logistics anticipates further improvements as a result of their partnership with Samsara. "After seeing the technology firsthand, it’s clear Samsara is leading the way in the market,” said Tusevski. “I want to partner with an innovative, reliable company who will help us upgrade our solutions as new technology comes out—and that’s Samsara.” 

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