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How Heniff Reduces Driver & Onsite Incidents With Connected Video

Learn how one of the leaders in bulk liquid transportation leverages Connected Video to protect their employees on the road and onsite.

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Limited video visibility meant greater safety risks both on the road and onsite

Heniff Transportation, a bulk liquid transporter with more than 1,800 drivers and 80 terminal locations, relies on technology to effectively achieve their number one priority: safety. Minimizing accidents on the road and at their worksites is a top priority, but they needed greater video visibility across their expansive operations to confidently meet their safety standards.

On the road, Heniff was previously held liable for over half of the claims filed against the company. Without a solution to capture evidence of fraudulent incidents, protecting and exonerating drivers was a challenge. At their terminal locations, workers often encounter slippery floors or extreme weather–with injury claims averaging $10,000 per incident–making proper training, accident prevention, and incident investigation essential to employee safety and cost management. Their legacy onsite security cameras provided limited visibility and required manually viewing every minute of footage to find and review an incident in question.

Across their fleet and terminal locations, their systems were siloed making incident review inefficient for managers looking for the full picture. When an incident did occur, it was difficult for Heniff to properly investigate and quickly retrieve video footage for a driving or onsite event. In order to support their workforce, Heniff needed access to reliable proof to exonerate employees from false insurance claims, support workplace injury claims, and identify safety improvement opportunities.

Connected Video streamlines incident review to provide real-time data for fast responses

<table bgcolor="#f0f6fe"> <tr><td style="padding:20px; border-style:hidden!important;"><span style="color:#0384fb"><strong>What is Connected Video?</strong> <a href="https://www.samsara.com/pages/connected-video/"><u>Connected Video</u></a> consolidates video data from Samsara's AI Dash Cams and third-party vehicle cameras to help customers gain the insights to proactively address and resolve safety concerns.</span></td></tr> </table>

Heniff started installing Samsara AI Dash Cameras across their fleet to support on-the-road driver safety. They chose Samsara AI Dash Cams for the ease and speed of installation, rolling out 900 dash cams within a few months, and quickly doubling their efforts with an additional 900. Heniff saw an improvement to CSA scores, safer driving behavior, and increased driver exoneration soon after their dash cam rollout. After experiencing first-hand the power of AI video footage, Heniff decided to expand their Samsara partnership and deploy Site Visibility in their terminal locations. They can now easily access video footage across their operations with Connected Video. By centralizing vehicle and site video into the Samsara Connected Operations Cloud, Heniff can now more easily perform safety coaching and incident investigation with end-to-end video visibility across their safety programs on the road and onsite.

Increased and improved video visibility protects employees when incidents occur

With Samsara, Heniff was able to reduce the total number of incidents across their fleet and worksites. Using AI Dash Cams, they’ve exonerated drivers in the majority of on-the-road claims. In the 15 months since installing Site Visibility across their locations, Heniff reported only one safety incident where a driver slipped on ice. Site Visibility made it easy for Heniff to quickly verify the injury claim and address the safety oversight by adding salt during winter to the slippery location, helping prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.

Dash cam data accessed with Connected Video continues to protect Heniff from fraudulent claims, leading to an estimated 50% reduction in liabilities from crashes, and decreased insurance premiums and payouts. The visibility available through Connected Video helps improve driver safety to further reduce and prevent incidents.

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