JRayl Transport improves CSA Unsafe Driving score by 71% in one year

Implementing Samsara AI Dash Cams in 350+ vehicles, JRayl Transport personalized their safety program while improving operational efficiency.


Meet J. Rayl Transport, Inc.

JRayl needed a video-based safety solution to personalize their coaching program.

J. Rayl Transport, Inc. (JRayl) is a family-owned transportation and logistics company operating in 48 states across the U.S. Because their previous vendor didn’t offer dash cams, the JRayl coaching team had limited insights into driver safety and no real-time coaching ability. Looking to implement AI Dash Cams in 350+ vehicles for the first time, they sought a video-based safety solution that could streamline coaching and increase transparency and trust with drivers. With disparate systems across the business and fleet, JRayl also wanted a unified platform that could bring their data together under one digital roof for increased visibility and operational efficiency.

Building driver buy-in with streamlined workflows and proactive alerts.

When JRayl first implemented Samsara AI Dash Cams, they knew that centering the driver experience—and the benefits to the driver—would be crucial to creating a new coaching model rooted in a personalized and empathetic approach.

“At first, our long-time drivers were a little worried,” said Robert Fields, Safety Administrator. “We explained to them the dash cams are there for their safety, the company's safety, and to protect them. We showed them that video footage can exonerate them if something unexpected happens. Now they trust that the dash cams are working for them.”

Cody Dice, a JRayl driver turned coach, championed this driver-first approach by using AI-powered detections and videos of incidents as a catalyst for personalized, more productive conversations with drivers. 

“As a driver himself, Cody knows there are always two sides to every story,” said Fields. “That’s why he suggested we begin conversations with something positive the driver did and then go into the coaching. It really changed the perspective of a lot of drivers and made those conversations more productive.”

Prior to utilizing the Samsara Connected Operations™ Cloud, JRayl’s back-office team would spend hours each week manually processing paperwork and hundreds of driver logs. Now, they can receive and process precise reporting on personal conveyance use, unassigned driving segments, past trips, and route updates digitally and near-instantly. 

“Since we started using Samsara as our main platform to process driver documents, it has been a lifesaver,” said Justin Yoder, Vice President of Finance. “I leave work without a headache now."

Drivers have also felt the reduced burden of manual paperwork; they can now upload and process bills of lading, lumper receipts, and layover documents in the Samsara Driver App. Because JRayl integrated Samsara with their TMS, these documents are sent directly to the Accounting department as soon as drivers upload them through the Driver App, resulting in a streamlined experience for both drivers and office staff. For JRayl’s Maintenance and Operations teams, Samsara Vehicle Gateways reduce downtime and increase efficiency by providing the precise location of assets that require service on the road.  

Building on their existing culture of safety and integrity, JRayl wants to continue unifying their existing systems with Samsara, and plans to adopt additional solutions over the next year.

“When we started consolidating our systems with Samsara, it made everything easier,” said Fields. “For our coaches, technicians, drivers, staff—everyone has benefitted.”

JRayl reports lower CSA scores, an improved driver experience, and trend-bucking rated premium costs—with no signs of slowing down.

As a result of partnering with Samsara, JRayl unlocked a 57% improvement in the CSA Crash Indicator category, a 71% improvement in the Unsafe Driving category, and a 31% improvement in the Vehicle Maintenance category in just one year. 

AI Dash Cams also contributed to a 4% reduction in driver turnover by giving JRayl drivers peace of mind and confidence that they are protected at all times—especially in case of not-at-fault incidents. The coaching team even successfully gamified the safety experience by encouraging drivers to compete with each other for the highest scores and best driving record in the Driver App. JRayl has also exonerated drivers from 20+ not-at-fault accidents and false claims.

Rate premium costs across the industry rose 10-20% over the last year. In contrast, JRayl achieved a marginal 1.5% increase with steadily improving CSA scores and safer drivers across their fleet. This resulted in incredible savings for the company, and the team expects safety improvements and savings to continue as JRayl implements additional Samsara Vehicle Gateways and Dash Cams throughout their fleet.

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