Kreilkamp Trucking decreased driver turnover by 20% in one year

Harnessing robust data from the Samsara Connected Operations™ Cloud to create innovative safety and efficiency programs, Kreilkamp Trucking improved driver safety, retention, and satisfaction.



Meet Kreilkamp

Kreilkamp Trucking needed a more timely way to coach their drivers.

Kreilkamp Trucking is a Wisconsin-based van and refrigerated freight hauler that has been operating for over 90 years. As distracted driving incidents rose across their fleet, Kreilkamp sought to more effectively build safe driving habits by providing feedback in real time, rather than after the fact. As Kreilkamp reexamined their safety program, they also looked to improve driver retention with greater visibility into driving behaviors in order to effectively inform safety and fuel efficiency incentives.

Building data-informed processes to reduce driver turnover by 20% in one year.

To build a culture of continuous feedback, Kreilkamp leverages Samsara Video-Based Safety solution, idling reports, and customizable Driver App to create an engaging driver experience through incentive programs and custom surveys. Harnessing the Samsara Connected Operations™ Cloud, Kreilkamp unified data across their fleet into one centralized and easy-to-use platform.



Reducing preventable incidents and driver turnover.

By using Samsara Proactive Driver Coaching solution to build a proprietary Distracted Driving Prevention Program, Kreilkamp decreased preventable incidents by 60% and reduced driver turnover by 20%. Fewer incidents decreased downtime across the fleet, and contributed to a 15% reduction in tardy deliveries.



Streamlining workflows saves time and money.

Streamlining workflows with the Samsara Driver App eliminated 5-6 hours of administrative work per week and 3-4 hours per driver per day in paperwork processing time. Using electronic DVIRs, Kreilkamp reduced driver time spent on repairs on the road by 50% and roadside assistance hours by 25%. Innovating on their retention priorities, Kreilkamp also used Samsara custom documents to create ongoing driver surveys, creating a culture of continuous feedback that has improved satisfaction.




Vehicle with wifi

Idling reports inform gas-saving and cost-cutting initiatives.

Kreilkamp leveraged Samsara Driver Efficiency report and other data to create an idling reduction incentive program for drivers. As a result, Kreilkamp saved 187,110 gallons of fuel compared to the annual industry average. This reduction in idling yielded tremendous savings for the business and contributed to the company’s broader sustainability goals.


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