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“We operate in some of the most hazardous conditions in America, which is one of the biggest reasons we chose Samsara.”

Michael Tuomi, Compliance Manager

Headquartered in Denver, CO, Liberty Oilfield Services specializes in hydraulic fracturing and engineering services for exploration and production (E&P) companies in the oil and gas industry. With a diverse fleet of more than 1,250 vehicles and 2,100 drivers, Liberty operates in some of the most hazardous environments in the country. 

In search of a new telematics and safety solution for their expansive fleet, Liberty prioritized a platform that could support and scale their growing business. With streamlined HOS, open API integrations, and custom idle reports, Liberty partnered with Samsara to help increase the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of their operations.

  • Accurate GPS tracking allows the compliance team to eliminate inaccurate IFTA reporting caused by GPS drift. 

  • AI Dash Cams and Safety Scores help protect million dollar assets on the road, identify top-performing drivers, and streamline unassigned HOS assignments using Camera ID.

  • Intuitive Driver App simplifies ELD compliance for drivers and managers, enabling Liberty to train tech-averse drivers in minutes.

Searching for a system with more accurate data 

Founded in 2011, Liberty has focused on adopting new technologies to improve their high-quality services since their founding. In particular, they use big data to enhance their services and increase return on investment for their customers. So, it’s no surprise that Liberty equally values accurate data to improve their fleet division. 

When they were looking to find a new provider, Liberty wanted to prioritize an agile and user-friendly system that could be easily tailored to fit the needs of the wide mix of vehicles in their fleet, ranging from traditional tractor trailers to passenger buses and flatbed sand hauling trucks.

As Liberty continues to implement Samsara across their vast fleet, we spoke with them about their reasons for selecting Samsara and their goals for the long term. Read on to learn more about Liberty’s challenges and why they ultimately decided to partner with Samsara. 

Eliminating GPS drift and inaccurate IFTA reporting

With major operations in four of the nation’s largest oil-producing states—many of which are in areas with limited cell reception—one of the biggest concerns was ensuring their provider could provide reliable connectivity and data retention.

Before Samsara, Liberty’s vehicles would experience GPS drift—the difference between your actual location and the location recorded by a GPS receiver. This caused major discrepancies in their IFTA mileage reporting and wasted the compliance team’s time and resources. 

“Our vehicles would log 50 miles a day without moving an inch."

During the hydraulic fracturing process, Liberty’s trucks pump water down wells at staggering speeds, causing their tractors to vibrate. Liberty wanted to ensure that their telematics system could distinguish the vibrations from a vehicle in motion. “Our vehicles would log 50 miles a day without moving an inch,” explained Liberty’s compliance manager, Michael Tuomi. “This meant that 90% of miles reported on our trucks were not legitimate because of GPS drift.” 

Correcting these discrepancies not only wasted time, but also posed big challenges during inspections or audits because drivers had no gasoline documentation for the illegitimate miles.  “These issues and inaccuracies could have caused us to lose our ability to operate,” said Tuomi. 

Just four months since adopting Samsara, Liberty has already been able to completely eliminate mileage inaccuracies, saving their back office team hours of work per week and ensuring that they will pass audits and retain their ability to operate. 

Improving driver communications and compliance with the Driver App 

Before Samsara, Liberty didn’t have an easy way to communicate with drivers on the road. They were in search of a system that would be simple for drivers, while robust enough to effectively handle messaging and ELD compliance. 

When Liberty crews head to a new well site, they bring up to 40 trucks at a time, 90% of which convoy together. “We wanted a system that could help us stay in contact with each other during convoys,” said Tuomi. 

With the Samsara Driver App, Tuomi can easily send push notifications to drivers to communicate updates needed to keep drivers informed and safe, such as where the next gas stop will be. “The Driver App has been phenomenal,” said Tuomi. “It took me 30 seconds to teach our drivers how to use the app effectively. I can have someone who’s completely resistant to technology adopt the app seamlessly.” 

Setting big safety goals in a high-risk industry 

Liberty operates in many areas known for having some of the highest-fatality roads for commercial motor vehicles in the country. Despite the immense dangers of their industry and region, Liberty aims to be the safest company on the road. “We’re not going to be that stereotypical big company. We want to communicate that we care about everyone’s safety,” said Tuomi. 

With such an expansive fleet, Liberty was focused on finding a dash cam solution that could help protect their drivers and assets, as well as improve driver behavior on the road. At a Samsara Safety Summit in Denver, the Liberty team got to connect one-on-one with the Samsara team for an in-depth look into Samsara’s fully integrated platform and what the partnership would provide. 

In order to achieve their safety mission, Liberty selected Samsara for its dual-facing AI Dash Cams in order to gain visibility into the conditions on the road. Additionally, Liberty was excited to use dash cams to develop a safety program that would engage drivers with gamified safety scores. “Safety scores are a game changer for us in terms of driver engagement,” said Tuomi. In order to engage drivers, Lesley Williams, Health Safety and Environmental Compliance Specialist for Liberty, uses tags to organize drivers by peer groups so that they can compare themselves to other drivers in their same field, as well as drivers in other divisions. 

“Our main goals are to get accurate data on driver safety so we can begin to track improvement,” said Williams. Safety scores are now used to help select which drivers to send on long convoys over 1,000 miles. This way, Liberty can be sure their safest drivers are on their most high-risk trips.

Using AI Dash Cams to protect valuable assets and streamline HOS 

Because the average value of one of Liberty’s vehicles is more than $1.5 million dollars, they were also focused on finding a video solution that would protect their assets from theft and false accident claims. 

 “With more than 1,250 vehicles in our fleet, the ROI of Samsara AI Dash Cams was clear for us.”

Due to the large size of their trucks, it’s very difficult for large companies to defend themselves in case of an accident with smaller vehicles. “As a large company, we want to make sure we have accurate data and information in case of an accident. The added visibility from Samsara provides us with that,” said Tuomi. “With more than 1,250 vehicles in our fleet, the ROI of Samsara AI Dash Cams was clear for us.”

In addition to protecting their drivers and assets, Tuomi and Williams were also excited about using Samsara’s integrated platform to leverage both ELD and dash cams together to improve compliance. 

At Liberty, drivers rarely drive the same vehicle twice, which can make it difficult to determine which drivers were in specific vehicles during certain trips. With Samsara, Williams is able to ensure that drivers are under their 14-hours of Service (HOS) and assign drivers to unassigned HOS more smoothly. By using Camera ID, Williams is able to spend less time tracking down drivers with direct visibility into the cab as well as driver suggestions for unassigned HOS. 

Samsara’s AI Dash Cam features paired with accurate GPS location data give Tuomi and Williams more accurate data on which drivers were doing what and when, which adds accountability and saves them several hours of admin work per week.  

Partnering for the future 

With clear priorities for safety, efficiency, and simplicity, Liberty ultimately chose Samsara because it offered stellar customer service, innovative camera technology, and an intuitive platform for drivers and managers. “After we signed the contract, the service didn’t disappear,” said Tuomi. 

“I believe that Samsara is a true partner for us.” 

Samsara’s reliable 24/7 support team was able to deliver effective solutions to challenges that came up during implementation. “Any time we had issues that we expected to have with new technology, there was a timely response from your team with solutions,” said Williams. “I believe that Samsara is a true partner for us.”  

Interested in partnering with Samsara? Learn more about the Samsara Customer Experience in this video and reach out for a free trial today.

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