The Rasmussen Group uses AI-based solutions to improve driver and worksite safety

Rasmussen uses Samsara AI Dash Cams and Site Visibility to improve driver and worksite safety across their operations.

Rasmussen ROI Case Study

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Limited visibility made it difficult to coach drivers operating under challenging conditions.

The Rasmussen Group comprises 10 operating companies supporting diverse construction and heavy equipment functions, including heavy haul, concrete production, dump truck operations, asphalt paving, and gravel production. 

Rasmussen often delivers materials to hazardous construction sites, navigating rough terrain, hilly areas, and tight residential spaces. Drivers must adapt to different situations daily, which can be risky. Promoting safe driving practices, such as coming to a full stop at intersections, maintaining appropriate following distances, and minimizing harsh turns, is pivotal to ensure timely and efficient service, thereby satisfying customers.

Improving safety required equipping their safety team with the necessary visibility to effectively coach drivers. For example, it often took days to retrieve relevant footage from their previous dash cam provider, delaying critical feedback. To better manage multiple companies and locations, Rasmussen sought a solution that would enable them to act more safely and efficiently across their operations. 

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Rasmussen decreased mobile usage while driving by 90%.

Rasmussen deployed Samsara AI Dash Cams to develop a comprehensive safety program, improving safety with in-cab alerts and exonerating drivers with on-demand video retrieval. As a result, Rasmussen has decreased mobile usage while driving by 90%, speeding and running stop signs by 70%, and backup incidents by 25%. With this technology, safety coaches have seen a 30% increase in time savings. Furthermore, Rasmussen is now easily able to exonerate not-at-fault drivers, after a recent incident, they exonerated a driver at the scene, saving an estimated $1.2 million.


Rasmussen Safety

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site visibility

Remotely monitoring job sites and identifying hazards with AI-based alerts saves time.

With multiple construction sites and diverse operations, having visibility into what's happening on these sites is crucial for safety, security, and operational efficiency. Samsara Site Visibility allows Rasmussen to remotely monitor job sites, saving time and providing insights into site activities and hazards.