How Teichert Improves Efficiency with Site Visibility

Site Visibility allows Teichert to monitor their many dispersed locations—from anywhere—to improve efficiency.

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Meet Teichert

Limited visibility led to challenges around theft prevention and incident investigation

Teichert is a California-based construction and materials producer company that’s been family owned and operated since 1887. The Teichert Materials side of the business produces rock, sand, gravel, and asphaltic concrete that supports the construction side of the business—Teichert Construction—that builds critical infrastructure, such as highways, airport terminals, and parks. 

With over 30 locations, hundreds of vehicles, and thousands of employees, it’s critical for Teichert to have real-time visibility into their entire operations. “We’re heavily reliant on our assets and our materials to get our work done,” said Terrence McNamara, VP of the Mobile Equipment Division and previous Director of Technology and Innovation. “It’s my job to make sure we have enough resources and that they're where we need them to be.”

With the prevalence of ongoing thefts, McNamara knew they needed an easy-to-use camera solution to help them quickly investigate, resolve, and prevent future thefts and save countless hours reviewing video footage.

Site Visibility reduces onsite theft and consolidates visibility

Today, Site Visibility is deployed at Teichert’s 50-acre construction yard that’s responsible for maintenance, repairs, as well as new product delivery. They also have Samsara Dash Cams (CM) and Vehicle Gateways (VG) across their fleet and Unpowered Asset Gateways (AG) on their smaller equipment to gain complete visibility into their assets’ locations at any given time. 

With such expansive operations, Teichert decided to deploy Site Visibility to further enhance their visibility and reduce onsite theft. “Recently in one of our large yards, we had a security guard on one side of the property and someone committing a theft right on the other side,” said McNamara. “Site Visibility has already helped us identify the culprit and resolve issues like this.” 

Teichert was also able to leverage their existing camera investment and overlay Site Visibility’s AI technology to not only consolidate their cameras’ streams in one dashboard but also be able to view that footage from anywhere. “The real-time access and search features are a key differentiator—having a constant pulse on what’s happening in the yard is invaluable,” said McNamara. “I can see our video streams from my iPad from virtually anywhere.”

Intelligent search helps to streamline video retrieval

With Site Visibility’s intelligent search features Teichert can now quickly investigate when an incident does occur. “The system is useful because we've got so many assets and people in our yard,“ said McNamara. “We can now quickly search to find the footage we need fast. We’re saving several hours every week.”