Problem to solve:

Dolphin Transportation is all about efficiency, but the company found that training drivers on new routes could be extremely time-consuming and thus, expensive. They were spending hours on ride-alongs to help drivers learn the ropes of highly-regulated or complex routes such as routes through airports and ports.

How they solved it:

Chris Boynton, Operations Manager at Dolphin Transportation, used Samsara to capture dash cam video of complex routes to create a training video library.

Here’s Chris’ tip:

01. Set up a custom geofence alert around challenging routes. This way you’ll get a text or email alert when a driver enters that route and you can mark the video date/time for video retrieval.

02. After the video is complete, go to Fleet > Safety > Video Retrieval and request the video for retrieval, toggling on 'Request hyperlapse'. Download the hyperlapse video of the experienced driver navigating the route.

03. Create a library of training videos to easily educate drivers on challenging routes and provide them with an on-demand resource.


Chris' library of videos eliminated the need for time-consuming ride-alongs and enabled him to train new drivers three times faster. He hired and trained roughly 20 new drivers during their peak season this winter.

"With the hyperlapse video, we’re able to see exactly how the driver went in, the route they took, and the areas they had to avoid.”

Chris Boynton

Operations Manager, Dolphin Transportation

Samsara Tools Used

  • Geofence
  • Hyperlapse Video

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