A Complete Hours of Service Solution for the ELD Mandate

Samsara's technology platform combines Hours of Service with rich GPS and sensor data, ensuring compliance, increasing safety, and streamlining day-to-day operations.

FMCSA Certified

FMCSA-approved ELD. Future-proof solution for HoS logging and certified compliance to meet the ELD mandate.

Modern App-Based System

Samsara's Driver App brings ELD capabilities to any Android or iOS tablet, avoiding the cost of proprietary e-logging hardware.

A Complete Solution

Hours of Service, GPS, WiFi, sensor data, dispatch & maintenance in a single system simplifies management & lowers cost.

How It Works

ELD Compliance Using Samsara

Vehicles transmit live data via Gateway.
Drivers log hours using Driver App.
Managers track HOS logs & violations in Dashboard.

Benefits & Features

A Complete System for your Entire Organization

Fleet Managers

Improves Productivity

Beyond Hours of Service, Samsara provides business-relevant data that improves efficiency

Lowers Compliance Cost

Samsara's architecture can achieve compliance at half the cost of traditional systems

Accelerates ROI

From eliminating wireless data fees to reducing engine idling, Samsara is designed for rapid ROI

No expensive, proprietary hardware required. Works with any Android or iOS device

Driver App includes HOS plus vehicle inspection reports, dispatching, and navigation

Vehicle Gateway includes WiFi hotspot, connecting Driver App without cellular data costs

Maintains Compliance Everywhere — Even Without Cellular Reception

Samsara enables operators to use WiFi devices without costly cellular data plans. Moreover, since the device connects directly to the Samsara gateway over WiFi, the ELD communicates the necessary engine status updates to the driver's device even in areas without cellular coverage, maintaining compliance at all times.

Plug & play installation takes less than 10 minutes. No IT infrastructure or complex configuration required

Compliance Managers

Reduce Risk

Avoid regulatory fines that put your profits at risk

Increase Efficiency

Streamline record keeping to simplify administration

Improve Safety

Keep your drivers safe and avoid fatigue-related accidents

Real-time visibility into drivers nearing or in violation mitigates compliance risk

Compliance managers can review driver logs in real time and suggest edits from the Samsara dashboard

Track unassigned HOS logs and assign to the correct driver with a single click

Fast, seamless updates ensure you're always compliant with changing regulations & rulesets


Easy to Use

Driver App modeled after familiar paper logs, simplifying training for drivers

Saves Time

With a streamlined interface, drivers spend less time doing paperwork and more time driving

Avoid Errors

Easy-to-use app prevents log errors that can jeopardize compliance

Set duty status with one-click. Automatic updates when driving starts or stops

Easily add, update, review, and certify Hours of Service logs

Receive real-time alerts when nearing violation

Approach DOT inspections with confidence

Maintenance & DVIR

Fewer Compliance Errors

Streamlined reporting, resolution, and certification prevents compliance errors

Faster Repairs

Mechanics see new issues instantly, for faster resolution and less downtime


Simplifies operations for drivers, mechanics, and compliance managers

Closed-loop communication flow prevents maintenance and compliance errors

Automatic photo upload and one-click certification simplifies drivers' daily routine

Mechanics have real-time visibility from an easy-to-use maintenance dashboard

Drivers are automatically prompted to certify safety based on previous reports and repairs