Samsara for

Field Services

A powerful, cost-effective solution for delivering excellent customer service and maximizing ROI.

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A Complete Platform for Monitoring Vehicles, Delighting Customers, and Managing Costs

Samsara’s real-time tracking provides service fleets end-to-end visibility into vehicle location, driver safety, and billable hours.

Trusted by Field Service Fleets of all sizes

Keep Customers in the Loop

Delight customers and make exceptional service a business differentiator with shareable live GPS tracking links. Proactively communicate precise ETAs, reduce inquiries, and provide tighter arrival windows.

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Get Technicians Where They’re Needed, Faster

A burst pipe, infestation, or broken AC unit needs your team’s expert attention right away. Seamlessly dispatch or reassign the nearest driver to last-minute jobs, push new routes, and message the team right from the dashboard.

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“When we do a job that’s time and materials, we can see exactly when a crew arrived on a job site. If we thought that they arrived at 8:15, but we see they actually arrived at 8:00, that extra 15 minutes of billing will pay for the unit for the month.”


Get Paid Faster

Seamlessly sync arrival times, departure times, and documents with your back office to simplify billing, payroll, and customer claim resolution. Drivers can instantly capture delivery receipts and proof of service using any smartphone or tablet.

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Enhance Safety & Protect Your Brand

Coach drivers and promote safe driving practices with auto-uploaded dash cam footage of harsh events and distracted driving.

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Keep Vehicles on the Road and Out of the Shop

Reduce unplanned maintenance and repairs with comprehensive reporting and preventative maintenance based on engine hours, distance, or time.

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“Samsara is the hub that we use to keep track of everything to do with our fleet. We use the live GPS 10+ times a day, checking on our technicians and knowing what’s going on.”


Improve Profitability

Reduce operating expenses with fuel usage and idling reports. Built-in WiFi hotspots power productivity tools without the need for a cellular data plan.

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