Samsara for

Passenger Transit

A real-time sensor data platform to improve
customer service, visibility, and safety

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Trusted by passenger fleets of all sizes

Promote Safe Driving and Protect Your Brand

Expedite insurance payouts, exonerate innocent drivers, and gain insights into distracted driving with dual-facing dash cam footage. Incentivize safe driving with driver safety scores and mobile app leaderboards.

Track Your Fleet in Real Time

View live vehicle location, traffic conditions, and distance from pick-up or drop-off locations. Anticipate late arrivals and proactively inform passengers of delays.


Samsara Top Fleet Awards 2019

Discover how Windy City Limousine delights their customers from pick-up to drop-off.


Send Customers Live ETAs

Reduce inquiries and enhance the passenger experience by sharing real-time vehicle location with your customers. Integrate Samsara dashboard data into your own passenger portal at no additional cost.

Increase Pickup Efficiency

Curtail wait times by dispatching drivers to the closest passenger based on distance and traffic conditions. Import routes to identify trends and improve on-time performance.

“I can’t imagine running our business without Samsara. ... We no longer need to go out, turn on the vehicles, write down the records. It's just there in the dashboard automatically.”


Maximize Productivity

Streamline day-to-day operations and reduce costs with a complete fleet platform including Driver HOS, fuel reports and idling alerts, and maintenance schedules.

Enhance Passenger Comfort

Ensure vehicle climate is optimized for passenger relaxation and safety with live temperature monitoring and custom alerts.

Track Customer Use

Understand customer ridership with easy-to-use card readers. Riders can badge in with any NFC ID card, enabling operators to track usage and precisely identify passenger locations in the event of an emergency.

“When a client calls asking ‘Where's the bus?’, Samsara’s live-tracking makes it easy to provide exact locations.”

Carmina Delacruz, Director of Sales, M Coach