Electric Vehicle Benefits

Survey Reveals: Are EVs a Sign of a Recession Resilient Fleet?

The case for Electric Vehicles (EVs) often revolves around environmental impact. But a new survey by Samsara reveals that the efficiency and cost savings benefits of EVs are larger drivers of adoption—and that EV owners feel better prepared to weather today’s uncertain economic climate.

32% of fleet managers say fleets will be one quarter electric within 5 years, 50% say in 10

Economic uncertainty felt by all, but EV owners feel more prepared

Fleet managers who feel prepared to weather a recession

To drive EV adoption, industry must focus on cost savings and efficiency, not just environmental impact

What would enourage an organization to purchase EVs?

How can fleet owners make the case for EVs?

Power of data transparency

92% of fleet managers say their confidence in running their fleet is directly related to how much information they can monitor across all their vehicles

5 top needs to go electric

Data analysis on fleet suitability for EVs

Identifying suitable charging station network providers and chargers

Custom materials to drive internal leadership support for Evs

EV model recommendations based on fleet management data

One on one consultation / coaching on how to get started with EVs

Fleets agree: now is the time to invest in improvements

88% of fleet managers agree that now is the time to invest in efficiency improvements, ahead of a possible recession

Drivers may benefit from the cost savings EVs provide

More than half (53%) of fleets would use cost savings from EVs to increase driver wages

Samsara’s “The Power of Data Transparency: Electric Vehicles” survey was conducted by Wakefield Research in March 2020 among 300 Fleet Managers in the United States

The data and visuals from Samsara help us make a more educated decision when it comes to fleet electrification.


Program Manager, Fleet Services, City of Fort Lauderdale


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