Enrich your transportation management with telematics data from Samsara and a full workflow integration.




View Samsara data directly in McLeod, and seamlessly integrate McLeod and Samsara workflows, to streamline operations on one platform.


  • View Samsara powered Hours of Service and GPS position within McLeod
  • Easily assign loads to drivers in LoadMaster, and receive status updates from the field as drivers fulfill orders in real-time.
  • With two-way freeform messaging between Samsara and LoadMaster, customers can message directly with drivers using the Samsara Driver App.
  • Bring real-time trailer GPS data from Samsara devices into LoadMaster


  • See fleet’s latest reported GPS positions in Order Planning and Driver Management, as well as several other LoadMaster Dispatch, ETA/OOR and Mobile Comm screens and in map views
  • Automated, timely retrieval of current day and cycle available hours, as well as logged hours by Duty Status
  • Assign loads in LoadMaster that will be visible in the Driver App, and can designate exact route and stops needed to fulfill the order
  • Stay on top of active orders with real-time GPS and arrival and departure updates
  • Communicate directly with drivers with two-way free form messaging between LoadMaster and the Driver App
  • Bring real-time trailer GPS data from Samsara into LoadMaster


  • Improve productivity and simplify management of regulatory compliance with improved visibility into drivers' hours utilization
  • Centralize visibility with tractor and trailer GPS data and driver HOS logs all in LoadMaster
  • Make more informed decisions about driver assignments while also increasing utilization for both drivers and assets
  • Increase driver satisfaction by maximizing the number of available hours and improving driver settlements
  • Improve your customer service by easily providing up-to-date locations and accurate ETA for shipments
  • Centralize visibility of in-progress GPS positions, driver hours, and scheduled load assignments onto one application