Real-time monitoring, alerts, reporting, and analytics in a single platform


Collect and visualize real-time data from all of your assets, including older and disparate equipment


Identify, diagnose, and resolve issues in real-time to pinpoint inefficiencies and boost productivity


Prevent downtime, provide visibility that builds trust and confidence, and ensure the best customer service

How it works

Advanced Equipment Monitoring gives you the flexibility to connect your assets to the cloud via the Industrial Gateway or open API. Collect data from sensors, equipment, controllers, historians, and servers to gain real-time visibility into your operations.

Ways we connect

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    To Sensors
  • 02
    To Controllers
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Connect to sensors and equipment

Connect directly to sensors or signal-generating equipment via integrated analog and digital inputs or via the J1939 protocol.

Gateway to Industrial Sensors

Connect to controllers

Connect to controllers and other equipment via Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP.

Connect via API

Connect historians, servers, or other systems directly to the Samsara cloud via an open API.

Customizable dashboards

A drag-and-drop UI makes it easy to build custom dashboards and visualize operational data in real-time.

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On any device

Access all of your data and dashboards from a cell phone or tablet.

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Flexible applications across equipment

Track any of your critical metrics to improve productivity, prevent downtime, and maximize efficiency.

Identify issues from anywhere

Set up text, email, or call out alerts on the parameters and quantities that matter to you with easy to configure routing and escalations.

Resolve problems quickly

Access historical data and compare similar pieces of equipment to identify the root cause of problems faster.

Streamline your reporting process

Build and save custom reports to view in dashboard, export as a CSV, or port directly into other applications via API

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Update control set points remotely

Adjust process control setpoints on your existing controllers and PLCs, and toggle equipment on and off remotely

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Technical Specs

  • IG21
  • Industrial-Grade Hardware

    Class 1, Division 2 Certified

    Embedded Cellular

    4G LTE connectivity

    Integrated I/O

    Built in analog, digital, and counter I/Os

    Edge Processing

    Local storage & high-performance CPU for low-latency control at the edge

"Working with Samsara has been a pleasure. Our ability to pull data from hundreds of locations in real time has given us the opportunity to see overall plant efficiencies in ways we could have only dreamed about in the past."


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