Discrete Voltage-Sensing Input Module

Discrete Voltage-Sensing Input Module

The IM33 is a wireless, self-powered input module with 2x discrete voltage-sensing inputs. The IM33 is ideal for monitoring push buttons, limit switches, photoelectric sensors, and other equipment with On and Off states.

List price: $99 plus $60 annual license (all-inclusive license includes maintenance, support, cloud software, and cellular data, if applicable. Volume purchase and multi-year license term discounts available.)

Brings industrial sensor data into the cloud

The IM33 is part of a complete family of input modules that brings wireless connectivity, real-time remote visibility, and the power of the cloud to virtually any environment.

Easy to Deploy

Samsara input modules are all-wireless and self-powered, enabling deployment without complex engineering or integration. Deploy IMs in new facilities, or use IMs to bring remote visibility to existing industrial sensors. The IM family can be deployed standalone or alongside a PLC.

Power of the Cloud

Samsara input modules bring modern cloud capabilities to traditional sensors, from centralized visibility to interactive graphs, real-time alerts, and mobile apps. A scalable cloud system spans projects from a single site to thousands of endpoints.

1/10th the Cost

When combined with Samsara IoT gateways, the IM family brings remote connectivity to industrial sensors at 1/10th the cost of traditional SCADA infrastructure: Samsara eliminates the need for proprietary networks, databases, historians, and complex engineering and implementation.

Designed for Security

Samsara input modules are designed for use in security-conscious environments. IMs are read-only. The entire Samsara system is isolated from control systems, even when input modules are deployed alongside PLCs. Enterprise-grade encryption and robust security tools provide best-in-class data security.

Discrete Voltage-Sensing Input Module Download Datasheet

Analog Inputs

Discrete Inputs
2 x discrete DC voltage-sensing inputs
"Off" range: 0-3.3V. "On" range: 3.3-30V.

Wireless Connectivity

Wireless connectivity to Samsara GW and GV series gateways
Real-time: Delivers new data within seconds
Auto-discovery: Automatically detects and connects to any gateway associated with the same account
Typical range: 100' (line of site) to 25' (dense industrial environment). Actual range depends on RF interference, building materials, and physical obstacles.

Data Logging

Built-in storage logs data when gateway connectivity is unavailable
Storage capacity: 1 month
Data upload: Automatic (zero-touch) wireless data upload via Samsara gateways


3 year battery life


Requires IM license. License includes cellular data connectivity, cloud software, mobile apps, ongoing firmware updates, maintenance, and support. Available in 1, 3, and 5-year terms.