CSI Road

CSI Road

View real time driver locations and routes in CSI.Road’s dispatching software via Samsara’s GPS tracking capabilities.



Build and assign loads in CSI.Road and dispatch them to the Drivers’ Samsara device, in order to streamline communication between drivers and dispatchers.


  • Drivers respond to loads via on board unit which updates CSI.Road Dispatch system automatically.
  • Dispatchers can dynamically assign the next load, with constant update of drivers’ available hours.
  • Incorporate electronic documents with your automated billing process directly after delivery and get paid the next day.
  • Eliminates need for Spreadsheets or Paper processing, everything is electronically passed between Dispatch to Driver to Customer seamlessly.

Getting Started

  • Computer Support, Inc. operates in the US, Canada, Mexico, UK, and EU.
  • For new customers: Contact sales@csiroad.com to request a demo and discuss pricing.
  • For established customers: Contact support@csiroad.com or 717-691-6707 to discuss integration with Samsara.

Company Description CSI.Road is an Integrated Trucking Software solution for Dispatch, Brokerage, Accounting, Safety, and Vehicle Maintenance, including an ELD Tracking platform for any Trucking Industry including Auto Hauler, Petroleum, Dump Truck, LTL and more. Businesses have the ability to run their business from one easy to use streamlined software system.