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Drivewyze helps the trucking industry to run smoothly by helping them avoid delays and keeping drivers safe. Drivewyze is North America’s largest connected truck platform, with coverage across 900 sites and 47 states and provinces. Drivewyze delivers best-in-class in-cab services to commercial truck fleets and drivers, like Drivewyze PreClear, the largest weigh station bypass service, Drivewyze Free essential in-cab safety alerts and advisories at no cost, and the patented Safety+ alerts and proactive driver-coaching solutions. The Drivewyze integration with Samsara enables a streamlined, hassle-free onboarding experience for drivers, with no additional hardware needed.


Drivewyze offers innovative technology to facilitate automated weigh-station bypass for trucking fleets. Drivewyze's integration with Samsara enables a streamlined, hassle-free onboarding experience for you and your drivers.


  • Easy installation: Automatically populate driver and vehicle data from the Samsara Driver App into the Drivewyze Hub
  • Hassle-free onboarding: Onboard drivers from the Drivewyze Hub and customize tiles in the Samsara Driver App for easy access
  • In-app messaging: Easily communicate instructions to drivers through the Samsara Driver App
  • Comprehensive: The largest weigh station bypass provider in the United States

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The landscape of the transportation industry is constantly changing, influenced by technological innovation, environmental concerns, and the drive for efficiency. Drivewyze has not just been keeping pace with this evolution, but proudly leading the charge, and their commitment to transforming the industry was recognized at Samsara’s 2023 Connected Operations Awards, where Drivewyze was named the Ecosystem Partner of the Year. The Drivewyze partnership with Samsara enables Samsara customers to take advantage of North America’s largest weigh station bypass service: Drivewyze PreClear. This solution not only enables fleets to save money on fuel costs, but also significantly boosts sustainability efforts.

Drivewyze and Samara: Moving the Trucking Industry forward with Efficiency & Sustainability

Drivewyze reports that since launching their partnership with Samsara, it has delivered 531,010 bypasses which helped save more than 212,400 gallons of fuel and 44,250 hours of drive time.

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Unnecessary roadside inspections slow down fleet operations.

Roadside inspections are necessary to ensure highway safety. The average driver might encounter up to 10 weigh stations in a single day. These frequent inspections can hinder fleet operations with route delays and increased costs. That is why many fleets look to weigh station bypass programs that allow eligible drivers to skip inspections based on safety records, emissions compliance, and other factors. "If the driver and vehicle are compliant, there is no reason for an inspection," said Frances Kilgour, VP of Channel and Business Development at Drivewyze. "It's better for everybody if law enforcement can focus on inspecting the least safe vehicles on the road." Drivewyze, a connected truck software company, is hoping to do just this. The Drivewyze mission—zero crashes, zero fatalities—centers on safety. "We build products designed to improve or reward safety," said Kilgour. "The safer you are as a fleet, the more benefit you get.”

“When drivers approach a weigh station and get an in-cab alert that says they can skip the lineup, they can immediately see the investment the fleet has made in them and in their day-to-day experience.” Frances Kilgour VP Channel and Business Development


Drivewyze seamlessly shares data needed to bypass roadside inspections

Drivewyze offers two distinct applications for Samsara customers: Drivewyze Safety+ and Drivewyze PreClear.

Drivewyze Safety+ can improve mileage for drivers, providing notifications for areas with high volumes of speeding violations, rollover areas, and upcoming road hazards, allowing for smarter driving and reduced braking, all leading to improved fuel efficiency for fleets. “It allows the safety director to essentially be in the cab with the driver so they can improve the overall safety of their fleet,” said Kilgour. “The safer their fleet, the more weigh stations they can bypass.”

Drivewyze PreClear enables fleets to share the credentials and safety records of their drivers and commercial vehicles. With Drivewyze PreClear, drivers are able to bypass participating highway weigh stations in 46 states and provinces, improving efficiency, getting loads to destinations faster, and reducing emissions by minimizing idling at weigh stations.

For many safety managers, getting up and running quickly is an important step to ensuring safety across their fleet. This is why Drivewyze prides themselves on their seamless integration, made possible through the Samsara open API. “We knew that our customers wanted to minimize the number of vendors they use and don’t want additional hardware to manage,” said Kilgour. “Samsara provides the vehicle data and in-cab visibility. By connecting with Drivewyze, they are able to leverage their safety data and start seeing the benefits of bypassing roadside inspections so much faster.”


Since launching, Drivewyze estimates it has delivered 531,010 weigh station bypasses, saving Samsara customers $4.61 million so far.

Since launching in March 2022, Drivewyze calculates that it has delivered 531,010 bypasses for Samsara customers. Every minute saved by bypassing a weigh station means another minute spent getting to the next location. In this time, Drivewyze estimes that Samsara customers saved 44,250 hours of driving time. Based on this calculation, Samsara customers haved saved more than 212,400 gallons of fuel which translates to emissions reductions, saving 2,160 tons of carbon dioxide. So far, Samsara customers have saved an estimated $4.61 million total. “There are so many opportunities for Drivewyze and Samsara to improve the driver experience,” said Kilgour. “By leveraging our joint services and data to provide enhanced services to fleets, we can not only improve driver safety, but road safety overall.”

"We're excited to partner with Drivewyze, and together, we see endless opportunities to improve driver safety and efficiency,” said Sean McGee, Head of Product Management, Platform and Infrastructure at Samsara. “Combined, our solutions work effectively to save driver’s time and incentivize safe driving habits.”


Check out this webinar for a behind-the-scenes look at how Drivewyze works on your Samsara in-cab devices.


This integration is available for current Samsara and Drivewyze customers. You can enable this integration by authenticating with your Samsara credentials. If you don’t already have a Samsara account, fill out this form to get in touch.

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