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EBE Ships Imaging

by EBE

Automatically sync documents captured from the Samsara Driver App with EBE Imaging.


EBE’s Mobile API integrates with Samsara’s driver app workflow allowing a single interface for the driver when submitting delivery related documents.


  • Simplify the driver experience when capturing documents related to the delivery pick-up functions
  • Access to EBE’s robust capture application is available for the driver to submit safety compliance and risk documents as needed


This intergration is for customers of EBE and Samsara. If you’re not yet a Samsara customer, please fill out this form to get in touch.

EBE created the EBE Imaging interface, which integrates into EBE Ships system as well as other industry leading document imaging systems. To inquire about purchasing the integration, contact EBE Technologies (

Supported Regions

Available in USA and Canada

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