Integrate FLEETCOR-issued fuel card transaction data with Samsara for a more comprehensive view of your fuel economy.



Together, FLEETCOR-issued fuel cards with the Samsara platform help customers fight fraud and identify potential fuel card misuse by matching a vehicle’s location with the merchant’s location at the time of a purchase. FLEETCOR-issued fuel cards include Comdata, Fuelman, and Universal Premium. Samsara's partnership with FLEETCOR includes sharing Samsara GPS data with FLEETCOR's Enhanced Authorization Controls features, which uses geolocation matching to determine if a fuel card is being used with the right vehicle.


  • Track and report fuel purchases by vehicle/card to simplify regulatory compliance (e.g., in IFTA, Fuel Purchase reports). ¹²
  • Reduce fleet expenses by comparing fuel costs for different vehicles to detect possible inefficiencies. ¹²³
  • Flag suspicious transactions and Share vehicle location from Samsara with FLEETCOR Enhanced Authorization Control to help identify potential fuel card fraud or misuse.¹²³

Additional FLEETCOR benefits:

  • Control expenses by tracking and managing fuel purchases.
  • Enhanced security with Driver ID/PIN validation.
  • Set spending limits including merchant type, day of the week and time of day.

Terms and conditions apply: ¹ Only when integrated with the Samsara telematics solution and data is available. ² Only when a FLEETCOR-issued qualified fuel card is selected. ³ The integration of a fuel card with a telematics solution cannot predict or prevent all fraudulent transactions.

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