Integrate FLEETCOR-issued fuel card transaction data with Samsara for a more comprehensive view of your fuel economy.



Together, FLEETCOR-issued fuel cards with the Samsara platform help customers fight fraud and identify potential fuel card misuse by matching a vehicle’s location with the merchant’s location at the time of a purchase. FLEETCOR-issued fuel cards include Comdata, Fuelman, and Universal Premium.


  • Track and report fuel purchases by vehicle/card to simplify regulatory compliance (e.g., in IFTA, Fuel Purchase reports). ¹²
  • Reduce fleet expenses by comparing fuel costs for different vehicles to detect possible inefficiencies. ¹²³
  • Flag suspicious transactions to help identify potential fuel card fraud or misuse.¹²³

Additional FLEETCOR benefits:

  • Control expenses by tracking and managing fuel purchases.
  • Enhanced security with Driver ID/PIN validation.
  • Set spending limits including merchant type, day of the week and time of day.

Terms and conditions apply: ¹ Only when integrated with the Samsara telematics solution and data is available. ² Only when a FLEETCOR-issued qualified fuel card is selected. ³ The integration of a fuel card with a telematics solution cannot predict or prevent all fraudulent transactions.

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