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Optimize the efficiency of your fleet at terminals, and increase the total number of moves transacted.


GeoStamp is a software solution that is designed with drayage in mind. We understand businesses profitability relies on the speed of operations, which is why we’ve developed a product that optimizes the efficiency of your fleet at terminals and helps increase the total number of moves transacted. This is achieved by providing a variety of views and dashboards, allowing an operations team to identify bottlenecks and to uncover areas for improvement. The GeoStamp-Samsara integration allows you to track the location of vehicles to identify congestion points in your terminals.

How to Enable:

Integrations with Samsara can be achieved by emailing GeoStamp’s General Manager, Walker Banks (

__Availability: __

Global, with primary operations in the US

__About GeoStamp: __

GeoStamp is a start-up focusing on congestion trend improvement and the development of SAAS to provide drayage and intermodal companies with a mechanism to capture wait time, invoice for excess congestion, and report on overall congestion trends at Marine Terminals, Rail Yards, Distribution Centers, and warehouses. In the US, we operate with 3 founders, 3 architects, a General Manager, several sales people, a marketing team, and an accounting team. Overseas, we operate a team of close to 20 developers with several project managers being incorporated from our sister company, Infomagnus.

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