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Idle Smart

Save fuel, prevent downtime, and reduce extended idle time with the Idle Smart automatic engine start-stop solution


Idle Smart is an automatic engine start-stop solution that reduces extended idle, saves fuel, provides year-round cabin comfort, and prevents vehicle downtime due to dead batteries and cold weather. By integrating Idle Smart into your Samsara solution, you can finally manage when drivers are idling and also realize a positive ROI, beginning in your very first month of use.


  • Integrate Samsara fuel idling reports into Idle Smart


This integration is available for current Samsara and Idle Smart customers. To learn more about enabling this integration, please contact your Samsara representative or fill out this form to get in touch.

Supported Regions

Available in the USA and Canada

Person holds Samsara Vehicle Gateway 34 product plugging in vehicle connector cables.

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