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Motorcity RELAY

by Motorcity Systems

Integrate Samsara ELD data on HOS, location and more, into RELAY’s messaging platform to access from one communications interface.


Improve driver and dispatcher experience and increase productivity by integrating Samara ELD data into RELAY’s real-time communications platform.


  • Leverage real-time messaging with the latest updates supported by Samsara ELD data
  • Get increased visibility for improved operations with vehicle HOS and GPS location synchronization
  • Consolidate information into the messaging interface to save time and improve front end workflows for higher productivity and employee satisfaction


This integration is available for current Samsara and RELAY customers. To learn more about enabling this integration, please contact your Samsara representative or fill out this form to get in touch.

Supported Regions

Available in USA and Canada

Person holds Samsara Vehicle Gateway 34 product plugging in vehicle connector cables.

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