Connect Samsara with Shipwell to optimize your fleet’s operations and grow your business.


Shipwell can help boost revenue, find better-matching loads, reduce check calls, minimize deadheads, and improve your overall fleet management.


  • Receive load requests based on your current location
  • Provide up-to-the-minute tracking on loads in the Shipwell platform
  • Analyze your data to discover higher paying opportunities
  • Send fewer daily logs to shippers and 3PLs
  • Know where your assets are at any time


  • Automated location tracking through Samsara into Shipwell platform for full asset and load management
  • 100% transparency for shippers and 3PLs to track freight shipments, reducing the amount of check-ins with drivers
  • Cloud-based, always available Shipwell platform for automatic updates to the latest updates
  • Easily viewable shipment details and information for drivers on the road with the Shipwell mobile app
  • 24/7 load support via the Shipwell Managed Services team


  • Connect Samsara with Shipwell for free
  • Receive better-matching loads based on real-time fleet location
  • Increase driver satisfaction by minimizing check calls
  • Gain better insights into lane rate optimization
  • Provide shipment transparency to build stronger shipper and 3PL relationships

About Shipwell:

Shipwell is empowering shippers, carriers, and 3PLs with tech to ship freight more efficiently than ever. With our cloud-based platform, automated workflows, and native mobile apps, Shipwell makes freight a competitive edge for any business. Alongside the Shipwell platform, our Managed Services team functions as a full-suite 3PL to make data-driven decisions to optimize the supply chain. Join more than 2 million carriers, thousands of shippers, and hundreds of 3PLs using Shipwell now. Learn more at