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Tenstreet True Fuel

True Fuel helps fleets reduce fuel consumption by improving driver fuel efficiency behaviors.


Tenstreet’s True Fuel combines in-cab driver coaching with automated, precise and easy-to-use fuel efficiency data to help fleets and their drivers get the highest possible MPG from every vehicle and driver in their fleet, under any and all operating conditions.


  • Sync Samsara telematics data, specifically engine utilization stats, with Tenstreet’s cloud to power their True Fuel insights
  • True Fuel pushes actionable driver coaching analytics to Tenstreet's Driver Pulse app, coaching drivers to improve the behaviors that heavily impact fuel consumption


Through the combination of in-cab coaching support and insightful fuel efficiency analytics, True Fuel users typically achieve between 3-10% fuel economy improvement within six to nine months of deployment.

True Fuel automatically quantifies the driver’s impact on fuel economy independent of other non-driver variables affecting fuel consumption (such as truck, condition, load weight, route, traffic, and weather) to provide fair, transparent and driver-accepted basis for driver performance assessment and driver fuel incentive programs, including granular, actionable analytics for continuous improvement.


This integration is available for current Samsara and Tenstreet customers. To learn more about enabling this integration, please contact your Samsara representative or fill out this form to get in touch.

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