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Integrate Samsara with TruckLogics and meet your quarterly IFTA reporting without any hassles.



IFTA Reporting is now made simple and secure. Samsara customers can now meet their IFTA reporting needs by connecting their Samsara account with TruckLogics.


  • Import all the vehicles into TruckLogics from Samsara in just a few clicks.
  • Import all the data required for the IFTA reporting into TruckLogics including distance, and fuel up's from Samsara.
  • If you don't have fuel-up details in your Samsara account, you have the option to edit and add them to your TruckLogics account.
  • The whole reporting process will take only a few minutes.
  • Option to generate IFTA reports for previous years or quarters.
  • Accurate and automatic tax calculations.


This integration is available for current Samsara and TruckLogics customers. To learn more about enabling this integration, please contact your Samsara representative or fill out this form to get in touch.

Supported Regions

Available in North America and the United Kingdom

Person holds Samsara Vehicle Gateway 34 product plugging in vehicle connector cables.

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