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AI-driven predictive maintenance insights for reducing downtime and maintenance costs.Sync Samsara location data and vehicle mileage with Uptake’s maintenance platform.



Maintain visibility of service truck location and improve preventative maintenance planning in Uptake’s software by bringing Samsara telematics data (GPS, mileage, fuel consumed by trip, etc.) into Uptake.


  • Ingest Samsara telematics data
  • Apply Uptake fleet intelligence
  • Reference contextual data such as external temperature
  • Expertly analyze the full set of data to deliver actionable insights
  • Send non-urgent insights to work order management systems
  • Notify fleet managers of urgent insights so they can confirm/deny the issue


  • Reduce service interruptions and roadside breakdowns
  • Reduce unplanned maintenance events due to avoidable failures. Understanding maintenance needs ahead of time ensures that your vehicles get to shops with the right skills and the right parts ahead of time.
  • Increase fuel efficiency. Identifying when fuel economy-impacting parts (e.g. aftertreatment systems) are under-performing leads to fuel savings.
  • Reduce unnecessary maintenance due to data overload. Receive only actionable insights; reduce instances of bring vehicles in for maintenance based on false alarms or non-urgent events.
  • Mitigate technician and driver shortages. Fewer driver interruptions reduces turn-over; newer technicians (without institutional knowledge) provided with better guidance on what and when to fix.
  • Reduce number of under-utilized vehicles. Knowing when your vehicles will fail means you don’t need as many back-up vehicles for “just in case.”


Uptake built the integration and will assist with deployments as needed. If there are any issues, please reach out to Uptake Support.

Uptake’s Asset IO derives and delivers actionable predictive maintenance insights from your Samsara data to drive fleet maintenance efficiency gains and enable better performing vehicles.

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