Innovating Together

Samsara is proud to work with innovative ecosystem partners to deliver compelling solutions to our mutual customers, and to enable our partners to capture new business opportunities.

Powerful Applications & Custom Solutions with Sensor Data

Samsara’s open architecture enables integration opportunities with a nearly endless variety of partners in transportation and industrial segments, including:

  • Transport Management Systems (TMS)

  • Preventive Maintenance Planning

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Route Planning Applications

  • Payroll Applications

  • Enterprise Resource
    Planning (ERP)

    • Inventory Management

    • Work Order Management

    • Custom and Special Purpose Applications

Why Partner with Samsara?
  • Samsara’s platform combines data from GPS, connected sensors, and cameras, offering new and actionable insights in a software-centric solution
  • Modern REST APIs enable developers to easily build innovative apps on top of Samsara's platform
  • Samsara's easy-to-deploy sensor and gateway hardware enable developers to easily access sensor data from remote, mobile, and distributed operations
  • Samsara is an innovative, engineering-driven company that listens to feedback and constantly improves the product

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Partner Spotlight: SafeStop

“As a data platform, Samsara is really ahead of the game with its ease of use, rich data analysis, and streamlined access to information. The integration between Samsara and SafeStop is seamless, which makes it easy for us to launch our service for our clients both quickly and effectively. Samsara’s forward-looking approach offers an exciting new proposition for our industry.”

—Patrick Gallagher, Director of Sales

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Our customers and partners drive our business

Together with our ecosystem partners, Samsara is committed to delivering a solution that simply works.

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