Problem to solve:

Trees Atlanta was very concerned when the organization received a call that a crew was planting trees in yards without permission. After speaking with the Trees Atlanta crew, it seemed the complaints were unfounded -- but the team knew proof was critical to protect Trees Atlanta’s public reputation and relationship with the city.

How they solved it:

Tabitha Schwart, Logistics and Data Manager at Trees Atlanta, used Samsara to quickly and accurately respond to citizen complaints in seconds with Proximity Search.

Here’s Tabitha's tip:

01. Click Proximity in the header and enter the address or intersection in question into the the Proximity Search tool.

02. Input a time range for the incident in question into the Start and End Time.

03. View vehicles and trip details to gather proof for exoneration.


Schwartz was able to determine where their vehicles were at the time of any given complaint. This capability gave Schwartz the knowledge and data to confidently defend the organization with hard proof.

“Samsara helps us prove the integrity of our organization and reassure the community of our work.”

Tavitha Schwartz

Logistics and Data Manager, Trees Atlanta

Samsara Tools Used

  • Proximity Search

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