On demand | Efficiency – 45 minutes

8 Ways to Combat Fuel Price Volatility & Boost Fleet MPG

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Global crude oil prices continue to be extremely volatile, with prices fluctuating at unpredictable rates throughout the US. Not only is fuel the second largest expense for trucking fleets, it also represents as much as 60% of a total operating budget.

So, how can you combat fuel price volatility and keep overall operating costs from getting out of hand? Register for this on demand webinar to learn how to build operational business resilience to better endure challenges like unpredictable fuel costs.

In this webinar, you'll learn how to:

  • Increase your fleet's fuel economy

  • Reduce fuel costs at scale through small operational changes

  • Encourage fuel-efficient driving practices across your fleet

  • Build operational resilience through rich and actionable data

Katie -Downey-Samsara

Katie Downey Ayers, Manager, Integrated Marketing at Samsara

Bhumika Shah Headshot

Bhumika Shah, Integrated Marketing Manager at Samsara

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