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How the City of Boynton Beach Increased Public Trust by Innovating their Fleet Operations with Samsara

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The City of Boynton Beach has become a leader in improving public trust and service delivery by making innovative and creative improvements to their fleet operations. Join us to learn directly from Dave Persad, their experienced fleet director, as well as Stephanie Brown, their public works system analyst, as they describe the step-by-step journey that they took to make Boynton Beach a center of service innovation for their community.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How real-time, AI-assisted technology is key to innovation in service delivery

  • How to create organizational buy-in for transformative projects such as tracking technology and dash cams

  • How to see immediate return on investment that not only generates internal momentum but also creates community trust.

Click here to learn more about Boynton Beach’s innovative fleet program.


Alex Davison image

Alex Davison, Sales Engineer, Samsara

Dave Persad Head Shot

Dave Persad, Division Director, Fleet Management and Mobility, City of Boynton Beach

Stephanie Brown Head shot

Stephanie Brown, Public Works System Analyst, City of Boynton Beach

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