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How to Reduce Fuel Costs with Samsara

Fuel costs often make up over 20% of a fleet’s total operating costs. While parts of this cost are fixed, Samsara data has shown that driver behavior can be a key cause of unnecessary fuel spend. So how do you know which behaviors are costing your organization the most and take action?

Join us to walk through the Samsara dashboard with a product expert, hear how other fleets have cut their fuel spend, and ask questions live.

Learn how to:

  • Identify your top sources of fuel waste based on driving behavior

  • Distinguish between productive and unproductive idling

  • Build a program based on your goals and introduce changes to your team

  • Customize driver fuel efficiency scores to track behavior and coach drivers

  • Set up alerts to enable a real-time coaching workflow


Brian Smith, Customer Success at Samsara

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