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Increasing Food & Beverage Fleet Efficiency with Samsara

With many restaurants shuttered and shipments to grocery stores up 50%, COVID-19 has created unique challenges for Food & Beverage fleets. With an uncertain economic climate, it’s essential that fleets operate at peak efficiency, keep their drivers safe, and continue to strengthen relationships with customers.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how Food & Beverage fleets can leverage advancements in sensors, cameras, and AI-powered analytics to navigate these uncertain times.

This session covers how Samsara’s solutions can help you:

  1. See all vehicle locations in real-time

  2. Keep customers up to date with easy-to-use live location sharing

  3. Ensure product quality

  4. Avoid false insurance claims and reduce risky driving behavior

  5. Increase route efficiency

Webinar Run-Time: 30 minutes of content with 10 minutes of Q&A

Learn how Samsara can help your fleet ensure smoother deliveries, keep drivers safe, and strengthen relationships with your customers.