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A Samsara & ThermoKing Love Story

We do not own the monopoly on innovation. Built on the Connected Operations Cloud Platform, Samsara allows us the ability to not only aggregate and analyze our own sensor data, but also integrate with our Partners, like ThermoKing, to create best of breed solutions.

Join us to understand how Samsara is changing the transportation and logistics industry by providing native visibility tools and cross-platform integrations. Today, we explore a love story between ThermoKing and Samsara; uniting data and warming hearts, while keeping our cargo cool.

Join live to learn how to:

  • Leverage the Connected Operations Cloud as your System of Record for cargo location and status

  • Explore the native Samsara & ThermoKing Cloud integration

  • Realize the Samsara & ThermoKing cross platform benefits

CJ Ramsey Headshot

CJ Ramsey, Sr Technical Product Marketing Manager

Rohan Hemrajani

Rohan Hemrajani, Sr Product Marketing Manager

Eric Kim

Eric Kim, Product Marketing Manager

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