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Implementing Safety Technology to Empower Your Drivers: A Fireside Chat with a Samsara Implementation Expert

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Implementing any new technology can be daunting. How long it takes depends on the size and complexity of your organization and goals of your organization. It’s important to ensure your stakeholders, and most importantly, your drivers, are onboard early on.

Fortunately, Samsara’s in-house implementation team helps ensure a successful rollout. Join us as we interview Jason Fiume, one of our top implementation consultants, on best practices for building a safety program that helps attract, engage, and retain drivers.

In this webinar, you’ll hear tips on how you can:

  • Define your program goals and design an implementation plan

  • Configure your Samsara dashboard and streamline installation

  • Earn driver buy-in and scale your training across the organization

  • Build strong coaching and driver rewards programs

  • Measure the ROI of your safety program

Shilpa Nagesh Headshot

Shilpa Nagesh, Product Marketing Manager

Jason Fiume Samsara Headshot

Jason Fiume, Strategic Implementation Consultant Team Lead

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