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Extreme weather calls for extreme efficiency: Telematics and Dash Cams

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The impact of severe weather on snow operations is becoming increasingly significant, as government agencies strive to improve service reliability, reduce safety incidents, improve efficiencies and lower costs. With the rise in extreme weather events, such as blizzards and ice storms, it has become more important than ever to leverage technology solutions that can help agencies prepare for and respond safely and efficiently.

In this session, we will focus on the transformative capabilities of telematics and dash cameras in snow operations. Through real-life examples from organizations such as the City of Syracuse, TN DOT, and RI DOT, we will dive into how these technologies have successfully improved their operations.

Key topics to be covered:

  • Service coverage and material spreading

  • Road safety and transparency 

  • Operational efficiency and sustainability


Samsara Account Executive

Andrew Kimbrough, Senior Account Executive, Samsara

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