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How Uniti Fiber Uses Real-Time Data for Hurricane Restoration


After a Category 5 hurricane touched down in Florida, Uniti Fiber immediately sent out teams to restore communications for emergency and police dispatch—services vital to post-hurricane rescue and recovery missions. Watch this on-demand webinar to hear from John Hixon, Uniti Fiber’s fleet manager, on how he led his fleet from pre-hurricane preparation to on-the-ground recovery to post-event reporting.

In this session, you will learn how Uniti Fiber’s partnership with Samsara enabled them to:

  • Maintain live visibility into 200+ dispatched employees and contractors, and provide targeted maintenance support services as needed

  • Manage around-the-clock shift rotations, increasing the efficiency of the team while reducing liability

  • Easily share restoration progress across departments and to external customers through private URLs with live location information

  • Accelerate restoration by two weeks, helping to save an estimated $35 million through reduced downtime

Hear directly from Uniti Fiber’s fleet manager, John Hixon, on how his team expedited hurricane restoration by two weeks.