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Driving the Ultimate Customer Experience with Windy City Limousine

When customer expectations are on the rise and every fleet is competing to deliver great service, how can your fleet stand out?

Windy City Limousine–whose client list includes McDonald’s, the Chicago Bears, and the NFL Super Bowl–knows the answer: by going above and beyond with customer experience. Watch this on-demand webinar to hear from Windy City Limousine President Kathy Kahne, discover how her team uses fleet technology to improve safety, increase efficiency, and ultimately deliver standout customer experience. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn what sets Windy City's customer service apart, as well as how Samsara enables their team to:

  • Delight their customers with real-time ETAs

  • Reduce calls to dispatch by 30%

  • Improve CSA scores by 50-75%

  • Save over 500 hours of phone communication monthly

Learn how you can improve customer, featuring hands-on tips from Samsara customer Windy City Limousine.