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4 Ways Samsara Dash Cams Pay for Themselves

September 16, 2019

Olivia Marcus

Manager, Content Marketing


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When it comes to fleet safety, your number one priority is probably keeping your drivers safe — but did you know a strong safety program can also save your company money?

Although the initial cost of a dash cam solution might seem expensive, video-based safety programs have been proven to reduce overall fleet operating costs and quickly pay for themselves. Here are four reasons why the initial investment is worth it.

1. Avoid false claims

With Samsara dash cams installed, you can use our proximity search and video retrieval features to pinpoint your vehicle’s location and download HD footage within minutes, making it easy to exonerate drivers on the spot, bypass lengthy claims processes, and eliminate unnecessary payouts.

How much could you save? Mitchell Companies experienced a 34% decrease in auto claims and saved an estimated $150,000- $200,000 by exonerating drivers with Samsara dash cam footage.

2. Decrease insurance costs

Because dash cams are proven to improve safety and mitigate risk, many insurance providers offer premium discounts, credits, or subsidies for installing Samsara dash cams and sharing safe driving data.

How much could you save? Simco Logistics received a 15% reduction in their insurance premium after installing Samsara’s dual-facing dash cams and demonstrating decreased liability with fewer harsh events and accidents over time.

3. Reduce vehicle wear and tear

Harsh braking wears out brake pads and causes unnecessary stress on vehicles. Combined with our vehicle gateway, Samsara dash cams can play in-cab audio messages when harsh events are detected, helping to discourage harsh driving and reduce physical damage and maintenance costs.

How much could you save? Empress Ambulance Services utilized Samsara’s dual-facing dash cams, driver coaching tools, and maintenance workflows to save $15,000 per vehicle repair due to decreased out-of-service time.

4. Minimize labor costs

It might be surprising, but dash cams can reduce labor costs in a few different ways: with digital driver safety scorecards and video-based coaching tools, your back office team can coach drivers more efficiently. Plus, dash cams make it possible to create a robust rewards program, which is proven to increase engagement and retention, leading to lower turnover and hiring costs.

How much could you save? Dohrn Transfer Company saw a 10% increase in driver retention, ultimately avoiding $8,000 in recruitment and replacement costs per retained driver.

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