Announcing Next-Gen Dash Cams, Including Dual-Facing CM22

December 18, 2017

Since releasing Samsara CM Internet-connected dashboard cameras, we’ve seen incredible adoption by safety-conscious fleet customers. Today we’re thrilled to announce the next generation of the CM line with two new high-definition cameras: the CM12 front-facing camera, and our flagship CM22, a driver- and front-facing dashboard camera.

Designed to improve driver safety and lower accident-related costs, the CM22 offers:

  • Driver- and outward-facing high-definition video for more complete context into critical events

  • Automatic upload to the cloud, providing zero-touch, web-based access to video across an entire fleet

  • Infrared LED for unlit nighttime in-cab video

  • Built-in audio speaker for voice-based coaching

  • Safety reporting tools to streamline incident review, enhance driver coaching, and incentivize safe driving

  • Plug-and-play design that is easy to deploy and installs in minutes

Dual-Cam CM22 to Reduce Distracted Driving

The FMCSA recently reported that nearly 30% of large-truck fatal crashes with driver-related factors were linked to distracted or impaired driving. With that in mind, it makes sense that proactive fleet safety managers are seeking greater insight into driver behavior. The new Samsara CM22 dashboard camera provides exactly that additional insight.

With forward- and inward-facing cameras, including infrared LED for unlit nighttime in-cab video, the CM22 captures simultaneous high definition video of the road and the driver. For fleet managers who are particularly concerned about what’s happening behind the wheel, such as texting while driving, drowsy driving, or leaning over to eat, the CM22’s additional video perspective provides a valuable window into driver performance.

Dual-camera video evidence helps fleet managers pinpoint the true cause of incidents, improve driver training, and better address distracted driving. In the case of a false complaint, driver-facing footage can be used to exonerate innocent drivers and prove that they were not texting while driving.

Video Streaming of Critical Safety Incidents

The CM22 captures continuous high-definition video, providing real-world context about critical traffic events as well as footage for review during one-on-one driver coaching.

Unlike other in-vehicle cameras that require manual retrieval of memory cards or downloading footage from a DVR, Samsara cloud-connected dash cameras automatically upload video clips and stills to the Samsara Dashboard, providing centralized, real-time access from any web browser. Harsh driving events are flagged and instantly uploaded for fast incident response, and operators can retrieve other footage on-demand.

In-Cab Voice-Based Safety Coaching

If fleet safety managers could ride along on every trip, their live coaching and feedback would almost certainly decrease incidents. Now, with inward-facing audio speakers built into the CM22, drivers can benefit from this same type of real-time feedback. Speeding, dangerous driving, or not wearing a seat belt will trigger voice-based warnings to promote safer behavior.

Video-Based Safety Analytics

The power of CM cameras is revealed in the flexible, easy-to-use software within the Samsara dashboard. The following integrated tools provide fleet managers with immediate, actionable insights:

Proximity Search

In case of an incident or complaint, Samsara Proximity delivers easy search functionality paired with retrieval of associated dash cam footage.

Driver Safety Report

Samsara’s Driver Safety Report ranks drivers based on harsh events and speeding violations. Fleet operators can view individual scorecards and watch the dash cam footage associated with incidents.

Safety Inbox

The Samsara Safety Inbox streamlines the review of incidents fleet-wide and ensures that the most critical events receive attention. After watching harsh event video footage, fleet safety managers can star events for follow-up coaching or dismiss them if appropriate.

Added Value with the New CM12

In addition to the new CM22, the new Samsara CM12 builds on the popular CM11 front-facing camera, adding voice coaching capabilities. The CM12 offers the same high-definition video and integrated software reporting tools as the CM22, and is designed for customers who do not wish to record drivers or who are seeking a value-priced solution.

Part of a Complete Fleet Platform

Samsara CM22 and CM12 cameras integrate with Samsara’s complete sensor system, combining fleet safety tools, live GPS, temperature monitoring, and ELD compliance in a single cloud-connected platform. For example, Samsara cameras provide new insights for GPS tracking with a snapshot-by-snapshot view mapped to each trip. This tight integration gives customers more context in a single view, offering increased operational efficiency and cost savings.

We’re excited to provide customers with new video-based insights into what’s happening out on the road, and in the cab. The CM22 and CM12 are available today -- connect with us for a free trial.

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