New Tools to Improve Alert Management for Industrial Customers

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of all-new alert management tools that make it far easier to configure effective alerts.

3 Steps to Track Your Construction Equipment

The more visibility you have into your equipment inventory, the better you can run and scope projects. Samsara makes it easy to...

Introducing New Coaching Tools to Improve Driver Safety

Keeping drivers safe is a major priority for Samsara and our customers, and today we’re excited to announce all-new driver coaching...

Easily Schedule Leased Assets with Samsara

When you own and lease equipment as part of your business, keeping track of where your assets are is critical to making the most...

Introducing Wake on Motion for Unpowered Assets

Samsara has developed a new tool for unpowered asset tracking: wake on motion tracking for the AG45.

Now Available: New Tools to Streamline Driver Workflows

We’re excited to announce several new features to improve fleet communication and streamline driver workflows.