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Our customers’ number one priority is getting everyone home safe at night. We are committed to helping them achieve that goal. Our approach doesn’t just provide better visibility into safety—it enables behavioral and cultural change that ultimately saves lives.”


Chief Strategy Officer

Customer stories

We serve more than 15,000 customers across diverse sizes and industries, from transportation and logistics to field services, food production, energy, construction, local governments, and manufacturing. But they all share one important value: safety.

With the help of Samsara, our customers are seeing fewer accidents and lower costs.


of customers say Samsara has helped improve safety within their fleet.*


of dash cam customers have used Samsara footage to exonerate drivers in the past year, saving $5,000 to $25,000 on average, with some customers saving over $100,000.*

*Based on an anonymous survey of more than 500 Samsara customers.

Dohrn Transfer Company

Safety is so important to us. Since we’re on the road with the public, we have a huge responsibility to make sure our drivers are safe. Since we started working with Samsara, we have a clearer, more holistic view of safety. We have more data. We’re able to give feedback to our drivers faster and more accurately. We use that information to make better decisions and to show how much safety is improving at Dohrn.”

Robert Howard

Chief Operating Officer, Dohrn Transfer Company

In 2019, Dohrn was awarded the Samsara Top Fleet Award for Safety in recognition of their impressive safety achievements, including an 88% reduction in harsh events and 35% reduction in hours over the speed limit in just 12 months.

Windy City Limousine

We’ve always cared about safety and we had good safety scores. With Samsara, we’ve gone from good to great. Each of the CSA scores that I monitor on a regular basis have been cut—most in half, some by almost 75 percent.”

Jamie Smith

Fleet & Compliance Manager, Windy City Limousine

Simco Logistics

We're having much fewer accidents, and the ones we're having are more minor. We’ve succeeded in selling a safety mission to our driver employees. It has been a game changer.”

Alan Drazen

Vice President, Simco Logistics

With Samsara, Simco streamlined driver coaching, prioritizing review of the most high-risk events. In less than one year, Samsara paid for itself by helping reduce their accident rate by 50% and accident-related costs by 60%.

Ghilotti Bros., Inc.

At Ghilotti we view our team as our family, and Samsara helps keep our family safe.”

Gwen Mayer

Administrative Manager, Ghilotti Bros., Inc.

By providing visibility into speeding incidents and harsh events, Samsara has helped Ghilotti Bros. coach their drivers more consistently and effectively. Since March 2017, Ghilotti Bros. has clocked in 375,000 man-hours without accidents or injuries.


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