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“It’s rare to find something that is high tech and easy to use. Since we operate nearly 24/7, we need something that is responsive, effective and efficient to deliver for our customers.”

Ben Reeder, Head of Marketing, Allan Reeder
  • All-in-one solution helped them introduce one platform for GPS tracking, dash cams, and temperature monitoring.

  • HD Dash Cams provide immediate footage of incidents, allowing them to build a safety program that has reduced harsh incidents and accidents.

  • Temperature Monitoring ensures that more than 500 dairy products are kept at the correct temperature at every stage of the journey.

In 1971, Allan Reeder started his own business to distribute cream in London. Today, that company, also called Allan Reeder, delivers more than 500 dairy products to many of London’s best known restaurants, catering companies and bakers.

Allan Reeder’s success is driven by its commitment to customer service, its staff, and high quality goods. A true family affair, four of Allan Reeder’s children have followed their father into the business and management looks after employees as if they were family members, too. A similar level of care is given to customers to ensure they receive the highest quality goods when they want them.

A new partnership with Samsara

Given this commitment to excellence, it was no surprise when the management team decided to evaluate new technologies to optimise deliveries and boost customer service. With more than 50 lorries, vans and other vehicles on the road, the company was looking to transition from their current GPS tracker to something more sophisticated when they received a call from Samsara. Samsara’s user- friendly interface and sophisticated features caught their eye and the team decided to move forward.

While Allan Reeder had previously only planned on purchasing tracking devices, they soon saw the value of adding dual-facing dash cameras and environmental monitors for temperature monitoring to create a full solution for their whole business. Allan Reeder’s Head of Marketing Ben Reeder explained the decision: “It’s rare to find something that is high tech and easy to use. Since we operate nearly 24/7, we need something that is responsive, effective and efficient to deliver for our customers.”

Now, the first thing Ben does every morning is have his tea and open Samsara. With those first sips, he’s able to get a snapshot of the fleet, determine if anything is off course, and address any incidents that appear -- allowing him to get a head start on the day.

Enhancing efficiency & customer service

On the dashboard, the first thing Ben visits is the real-time view of Allan Reeder’s fleet. Within seconds, he can see where each of their vehicles are at that very moment. For a company focused on keeping customers happy, this feature is critical. He can now field inquiries about delivery times instantly and communicate any changes in the schedule to customers. “This increase in communication helps to keep our customers happy and is helping with retention, as well.”

The real-time tracking and proximity feature also helps Allan Reeder run more efficiently. “We use the proximity feature to see which vehicles are close to customers and dispatch them on new rounds,” noted Reeder. “It is indispensable. We would lose so much time without it.”

Temperature Monitoring

Shipping dairy products is no easy business; products must be kept at specific temperatures throughout transport. Allan Reeder uses Samsara’s environmental monitors to ensure products stay within the specific, approved temperature range at every stage of the journey. In Summer 2019, Allan Reeder was able to use Samsara to pass their BRC audit with flying colors. Using Samsara’s environmental monitors, Allan Reeder was able to prove that their products were kept at the appropriate temperatures from supplier to warehouse to vehicle to customer. Ultimately, the team met the highest standards for accreditation.

Having this temperature data in one platform also means that Allan Reeder can easily guarantee the quality of their goods and reassure any customers with questions, upholding its promise to offer exceptional service.

Building a safety program

While dash cams were initially a “bonus,” they have become a core piece of Allan Reeder’s business.

While drinking his morning tea, Reeder uses the Safety Inbox to review incidents. Samsara’s automatic tags on videos make it easy for him to see harsh events or distracted driving. If he sees anything that requires attention, he brings the drivers in and provide feedback. In rare circumstances, the Allan Reeder team has dismissed drivers based on repeated dangerous driving incidents, but management aims to use cameras to support their drivers.

When a passerby accused one of their drivers of having an incident, Reeder was able to use the proximity report and recall video footage to prove that was not the case, helping to protect his drivers’ and business’ reputation. “We care about our drivers,” Reeder explained. “Samsara helps us to defend them and to coach them if they’re at fault.”

The company has seen a remarkable drop in safety incidents while using Samsara’s HD dash cams. According to Reeder, “We used to have wing mirrors off and have to respond to incidents. Since installing them, we’ve had our best year for accidents.” And this reduction in incidents is helping Allan Reeder keep costs down. Reeder noted that “big accidents have incredibly high costs. Having fewer incidents saves us money -- and will improve our insurance costs, too.”


Samsara has become as much a part of Allan Reeder’s routine as that morning cup of tea. As the company continues to grow, the team plans on leveraging additional Samsara features, including routing, dispatch and fuel monitoring to increase customer satisfaction, while decreasing costs. They are also exploring new ways of incentivizing driving behaviour to ensure their team stays safe behind the wheel.

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