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“Since day one, it’s done exactly what it did in the demo—it live tracks, it takes videos, it does everything you need it to do.”

Steve Whitehead, National Transport Manager, Armstrong Richardson

A nearly 100-year-old agricultural supplier with 54 vehicles uses Samsara to improve safety, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  • Comprehensive fleet management offers remote tacho downloads, maintenance insights, fuel usage reports and robust safety solutions.

  • Real-time GPS makes it possible to monitor route progress to the second and answer delivery-related questions.

  • HD dash cam footage and harsh event alerts offer insights into accidents and provide new opportunities for driver coaching.

  • Plug-and-go products make it simple to install, capture data and add additional units.

For nearly one hundred years, Armstrong Richardson has worked tirelessly to meet the agricultural needs of its customers. Founded in 1925 as a supplier of bulk feeders for customers in Yorkshire, Armstrong Richardson has grown into a group of businesses that supply nearly everything related to agricultural companies - including delivering pet, equestrian and country supplies and even handling horses through their C&C Horse Transport business.

Why They Chose Samsara

As Armstrong Richardson looked to continue its expansion and grow as a haulier, Steve Whitehead, National Transport Manager, knew he needed to find a more reliable fleet management solution. The company’s system at that time did not deliver as promised, often capturing inaccurate tracking data and losing video footage of accidents.

During his demonstration by Samsara, Steve was immediately impressed by the all-in-one platform and accuracy of real-time GPS tracking in remote locations. After trialing the platform, it was an easy decision to move forward given Samsara’s reliability, ease of use and support. Today, Armstrong Richardson uses Samsara to improve customer service, increase safety and gain new insights into its fleet.

Live Fleet Data Improves Efficiency

Live tracking of vehicles is making a huge difference in Armstrong Richardson’s business. With a fleet of more than 54 vehicles regularly making deliveries to rural farmland, Samsara’s ability to provide instant updates on vehicle location helps the team direct vehicles that get lost in low service areas. “Previously, they’d have to drive 10-15 miles to go back to get service,” said Steve, “having live tracking has made a massive difference. We’re cutting mileage, saving time and not running further than we have to.”

The Armstrong Richardson team is also using Samsara’s platform to optimise fleet performance. Using Samsara’s Time on Site report, they have noticed that vehicles were spending more time loading and unloading at sites than expected. They are now able to take that timing into account when making plans for the company’s busy season this winter. Additionally, by tracking idling time with the Fuel Usage report, they are driving a significant reduction of fuel costs.

HD Video Footage Improves Safety

Before installing Samsara, Armstrong had no visibility into what was causing accidents. As Steve explained, “We didn’t have any evidence or data and couldn’t prove who was at fault.” Shortly after installing Samsara’s HD cameras, accident rates have fallen due to coaching and awareness.

The Armstrong Richardson team now uses the Safety Inbox daily to review footage from harsh incidents and retrieve videos, which they then use for driver coaching. “I don’t have to argue about whether something happened,” said Steve, “a picture paints a thousand words and makes life so much easier.”

Ease of Use, Support and Reliability

Steve and his team have been around vehicles all their lives. When he heard that Samsara was ‘plug and play’, he was understandably skeptical. However, after seeing the first install, he realised how simple it was. When he has questions, support is quickly on hand to help. Steve said, “Support is amazing. We’re not waiting 9 weeks for someone to come by, it’s fixed within 30 seconds of being back in the yard. We can just get it done ourselves and get back online. That’s what you want.”


Since using Samsara, Armstrong Richardson has seen more efficient loading and unloading, reduced fuel costs due to the Time on Site feature and improved safety. Steve is pleased with his experience so far, “I think it’s brilliant. Since day one, it’s done exactly what it did in the demo—it live tracks, it takes videos, it does everything you need it to do.”

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